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On the surface

On the surface you think you get IT.  But girl, dig deeper.

“IT” isn’t just it.  

IT is the connection to the tide that IS your soul’s purpose.

Integrate what your soul knows it’s here to do into everything you touch, speak of and love.

Each word, thought and smile is another drop of energy and depth into the tide.

As the energy builds, enjoy it as you are swept up and carried by the tide you’ve built of courage, purpose and love that makes the ocean of your destiny.

~ Noelle

original artwork: “Escape” – 24″x24″ on masonite with wood backing frame. Ready to hang.  Click image for more details.


Hang in there sweet girl

You feel alone, invisisble. You are wondering why these life tests keep coming. You my dear could’ve chosen a life destiny that allowed you to be simply happy and content. But instead my sweet girl, while in the safe, loving comfort of the other side you dared to go big. You chose a life filled with greatness. Your wisest self knew that you’d need to have some hard times so you could take those times and turn them into your destiny.  Into a life that is bigger and greater than you even dare to dream right now.  But to handle that greatness, you’d need to be tough, wise and resiliant.

So girl, keep your head up.  Listen to your wisest self, trust, rise, journal.  Keep on, then keep on some more.  Smile, learn, be. You girl are gonna be the the one they are talking about for years after your wise, gray self left this earth. 

You, even though you don’t see it right now, you inspire us. We see you. I see you. The real you, the soulful, powerful, resiliant, beautiful you.     ~Noelle



I remember us

“I remember us; as we sat and brushed our long, wavy hair.

We were backstage in our costumes, ready to go on stage.

 I’ve known you longer than I’ve known this body I am in.  

We, sweet girl have a song to sing, for us, to us.  

We, my dear sister.


~ Noelle


New Couples Artwork and New Decor Print Style

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Hello! I trust you have been well. This past last week we visited the ice castles here in Minnesota. It was as close to a perfect time as I think I can remember. Kids both happily playing, photo ops, fun, beautiful. We had Bruce’s wonderful mom with us and it was 30 degrees. Perfect.


I’ve had people asking me if I would do more artwork for couples. I got the greatest compliment a few weeks ago when hearing of someone who had purchased one of my artwork pieces and then used it as her inspiration to redecorate their master bedroom. That makes me beam.

Here is “Embrace” and “Together” both originals are available (24″x30″ ea) and both are also available as 8×10 prints in 11×14 mats. If you are looking for a different size print let me know and we’ll make it happen.  (Click on pictures to be taken to store)


I know sometimes when decorating a room you are just needing a simple color print to carry through the palette you’ve chosen. In response to that need I’m introducing Single Color prints from the Soulful Yoga series. These are matted and add a suble, calming touch to any room.


My vision for each of these pieces of artwork is to bring a calm, peaceful moment of inward reflection when you look at them. As we hurry through our days it helps to have visual reminders to take a deep breath, connect our mind, bodies and souls. Be in the moment for a moment. I’ve added a page to my website that shows this collection and tells more about each pose and Chakra. You can see it here.


On another note, I thank each of you that have purchased a Harmony Bracelet to support my trip to Israel in 2014. If you want to have first dibs on the style of bracelet when my first batch arrives in April and help me help women across the world next year I ask that you take a look at the bracelets here. If you would like to learn a bit more about this project you can watch a couple short videos here.


Wishing you a great week! Can’t wait to see some of you this Saturday at the Wine Extravaganza!




Soulful You: growing through change

   As you contemplate this life decision, trying to feel if you are doing it right or wrong, being selfish or brilliantly insightful and wise.  Be quiet, listen to your heart.  It has been trying to give you the answers.  The answer won’t come through talking it out or from others.  This time, they will come from you digging deep.  Deep into that part of your soul and essence and wise self.  You may feel alone, but you are surrounded by people who are rooting you on from the sidelines.  We believe in you, we know that if we jumped in we would be telling you that we don’t think you can handle it.  We know better.  You got this.  Be still, connect to the earth, your soul and spirit and feel your truth!



New Artwork – Perfectly Whole



“Perfectly Whole ~ healthy ~ blossoming”   – Noelle


(click on image to purchase print)

I’ve got your Valentine’s Day Hookup!!


If you are like most of us you’ll realize you need a Valentine’s gift around Wednesday or Thursday next week. Flowers or candy are great but if you are looking for something different or to add to it let me save you some time. I’ve got some great ideas for special someone.

Also, how about that special friend who will be alone this year or the sister or daughter that is out of town? I’ve got prints or cards that will make her feel loved and special! You can find my entire store here.

Here is my newest print (click on any picture to be taken to that item in the store):


Interchangeable Magnet necklace. Comes with 3 print choices.


This cards says, “Caught between calm and chaos she holds her head high. Newly found strength, courage and grace confidently guide her.”


or This same image but one that says, “You are Fabulous!”



How about something for the music lover in your life?


This one is perfect to team up with a nice bottle of wine:


Team up this card with the Love print and a massage or flowers.


I have lots of cards too for your your man or lady. You can find them here. Feel free to set up a time to stop by the studio if you’re interested in picking up prints, cards or wine glasses directly from my supply there. You can also use the coupon code: Local Pickup from my website to not pay shipping charges on your order and setup a time with me to pick up your order from my studio.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day next week! **Noelle