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New Product – Dripping Gold Prints

I love when I’m able to offer a great deal on a print that people have loved.   I have a BOGO deal going on right now over on my Etsy site.  You can buy one 5″x7″ print of Dripping Gold and get one free to give away!


This print has been a huge hit with entrepreneurs and anyone who has a sales team or runs a network marketing style home business.  I’ve had people give these to other business owners as a bit of inspiration or to their downline team.   Great to hang by a desk or mat and frame for a bolder statement.  Click the photo or go here to see this great offer.



Waiting to be “discovered”

It’s an epidemic in the arts world.  I was as guilty as everyone else.  The mindset of waiting for someone to “discover” me.  Some amazing person, with clout, ideas and a vision to step in and say, “Noelle, I know just what we should do with your art.  I know exactly how you should market, in fact I’ve hired someone to do that for you.  I found your ideal customer.  Now you can stay in your studio and paint all day with no worries of anything else.”




hmmmm    It seems silly now looking back but I know I’m not alone.


My sisters are nurses.  They had a clear path to get there.  Follow steps A through Z and at the end you’ll be a nurse.  Someone will tell you what the pay is for that, you’ll find a facility that will schedule you and you’ll have patients waiting for you each day when you arrive.   I’ve had to accept that my path in not like that.  Not only accept it but thrive on my own, winding path.


I heard Christine Kane talk about this concept of waiting to be discovered a few months ago and it was a light bulb moment for me.  I was indeed letting a part of me wait for someone else to deem me worthy of charging a certain price for my artwork.  Someone else telling me I am now magically qualified enough to teach a course that I know in my soul that I’m meant to teach but was holding onto a little fear over.


Fellow creatives,  it’s in our hands.  WE control our destiny.  You have the right to create the art that speaks to you, sing the style of music that lights you up.  Charge what you know in your soul you need to get for a painting and NOT letting fear or lack mindset takeover.


Take this moment,  DISCOVER yourself.   YOU are what you’ve been waiting for!


I deem you qualified to figure out a plan that works for you.  You are smart enough to hire the right professionals that can help you on your journey, you are passionate enough about your craft that you know deep in your gut when you quiet down and listen who the clients and customers are that you really want to work with.  You know that you have the power to discover yourself.

Then, if at some point you get published, an agent, a licensing deal or huge contract it will be icing on your already solid cake.


Now it’s up to you to own that.  Live it.  Speak it. Breathe it.  Let the world see your light.


New Gallery Window Front

I had the pleasure this week of setting up my Music, Wine and Soul Artwork in the prime window front display at the Susan Hensel Gallery here in Minneapolis.  We snapped a few pictures that I wanted to share with you.


The top left painting:  For Me – Guitar   There are no crowds, no one to hear as I work through my song. It is just me and my guitar, together we learn to know each other and strive to sing in harmony. There may never be anyone who hears my song, I may never fill a stadium or a club but I love to play and today I play for me.

The bottom left painting above is: Postina.  This local band performed at the Fine Line Music Cafe a few years back when I did a show there with RAW.  They were amazing.  You can learn more about them here.


A few of my favorite things about the photo above:

The top left painting, “Showtime” is a painting I did a few years ago of my friend of over 30 years, Brett LaCasse.  I have loved seeing him pursue his music career.  He’s currently touring the state and a few national gigs with GB Leighton.

 The top right painting was inspired by local Saxaphonist John Bertsch.   I had the pleasure of watching him perform a few years ago in Stillwater with Bruce Henry.  Really cool story that years before that show I saw Bruce Henry perform at Rossi’s Blue Star Jazz Club in Minneapolis and I was so blown away that his performance and the atmosphere that night inspired me to start painting my first music themed artwork.   You can see that painting here:




SusanHensel_Noelle1    The Susan Hensel Gallery is located in the Powderhorn area of Minneapolis.