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Announcing the Creating an Inspired life Radio Show!!

I have longed for a way to connect with people, especially women who are looking for ways to live a more inspired, authentic and creative life.  


Announcing the:

Creating an Inspired Life with Noelle Rollins radio show!!




Starting today, Monday July 28th  My radio show, Creating an Inspired Life, is in the lineup on the new online station:  True2YouRadio.

My first show is today at 11am Central.  It’s replaying a few times a day though so I’d love if you listen in.  It’s my first show of my own so I’m finding my way and working out the kinks  but I invite you to join me as I continue on with this weekly show.

I’ll be covering topics that are true to my heart such as:

  • tips to be authentic day to day, why it’s not a one time decision but instead a thousand small decision each day.
  • exploring the minimalism movement
  • grief; exploring the emotions of losing someone or having someone close to us sick
  • setting boundaries
  • bringing inspiration into our daily lives
  • how to find what lights you up
  • finding ourselves again after big changes


When I was approached about doing this show, it’s funny.  I’d had a list of topics and potential guests already listed on a page in my notebook.  I didn’t know what the list was for when I made it, but now I do.   (love how the universe works)

When you go to the station you can just click the play button at the bottom of the page, in between shows there are meditations and calming music.  There are a wide range of shows on the station, I’d love for you to start listening to mine and then stick around to see if there are others that you resonate with as well.   I feel incredibly blessed to get this opportunity and just today got to see the list of people who also have shows and I’m blown away to be included in the lineup with them.  eeeekk.

You can also click to download the podcast and listen when it works for you!

oh, and last fun part….   I got my dad to play my intro and outro music. 🙂   So special to me.

Here is the link one more time:


4 day Flash Sale









Great chance to get original artwork for your home or cabin!  This artwork also makes a perfect gift.  The 11″x14″ size is under $70 and has free shipping.  Perfect to bring along as a gift for that family who is letting you stay at their cabin this labor day weekend.

Sized all the way up to 48″ across.  You can click the image or go here to see all your artwork and print options.




Updates on the Harmony tour to Israel and Palestine

I have been asked many times in the last few weeks about my feelings of what is going on in Israel and Palestine right now in relation to my going there this fall.

I’ll keep this  short but I want to share my feelings with all of you who have so kindly supported me and made this trip possible.

There are around 10 weeks until I’m scheduled to go, I am keeping informed of what is going on but I am refusing to get wrapped up in it or fall into fearful thinking.  I’m asking anyone who reads this to do the same and to resist adding to the fear and anger.  Instead send thoughts and prayers of peace and support to all involved.   This fighting going on serves as a reminder of how vital it is that these two sides find common ground.  We all can make an energetic difference through our prayers, meditations and thoughts of love and peace.  Pray for wisdom and clarity for those leading the fight on both sides, that they will find peaceful resolutions to the ongoing dis-harmony and back down the fighting.

There are tremendous civilian efforts going on behind the scenes showing support for one another on both sides. Stories of both sides serving, helping and praying for the other side.  You can follow any of these groups on Facebook here:


Palestine loves Israel

Israel loves Palestine

These groups are posting incredible stories of civilians coming together, stories of hope and more.


The women organizing our trip have our safety as an utmost concern.  One will be heading back the region in the coming weeks and from within the area will be in tune with the pulse of what is happening.  She is also in constant communication with both the Israeli and Palestinian women we will be meeting with while there.

I feel very called to be a part of positive change in this world and am confident all will work out how it should; concerning both my involvement in this situation and others in the future.


I’ll continue to update in the months to come as I know more, but as I said above I am just going to continue on planning that the trip will go on as planned, if things change we’ll deal with it then.   Thanks for your continued support!  **Noelle

wholesale for practitioners

For Natural Health stores, studios or other therapists, lawyers or practitioners:


When a client walks into the doors of your studio or office their first impression is formed within the first few seconds.  We encourage potential wholesalers to take a look around their environment with a fresh view, as if it was your first time. Does the decor, retail area and wall art speak to your company’s mission statement? Does it give off the feeling you want your customers to feel when they enter your space? Does it clearly communicate your dedication to the mind, body and soul connection?


Who is your client or patient? What do they aspire to be? Do they want to feel better when they see you?  What extra offerings could you present for them to help them on that journey? Do they want to be able to purchase a print for their wall at home that clearly communicates their hearts goals and makes them feel good?  Would they love the chance to purchase a handful of cards to be able to pass along to their own friends and families?


Diversifying your revenue streams  provides an additional opportunity to serve your clients and increase your company’s sales.  Carrying some of the larger items like the posters or pallet art prints can be great also to have on the wall as decor while they are for sale.


You can find more information about the deeper meaning of each piece from the series here.


If you are interested in learning more here’s what to do:

  1. Submit a request to get my wholesale catalog.
  2. View Noelle’s YouTube videos about why your customers will benefit if you carry this work and learn more about this artwork.
  3. Pick a starter package to get a variety of the best selling items from the line, or if you have specific themes in mind put together your own package.


I may never be bad enough

I had an eye opening conversation last week. Maybe you can relate.

A conversation with someone (we’ll call her Sara).  She twisted around everything she could into this negative competition.  At one point she said to me, “Your parents protected you so I know that you can’t even imagine some of the things I’ve seen.  You’ve never known pain like my family has.”


I found myself trying to console this woman and out of concern for something someone in her family is going through I used one of my past experiences as a bridge into seeing if her family member was okay and needed help.   Again, after telling me that what I had been through is the best of what this girl is going though and that again I’ve never known pain.  I surrendered and realized the conversation we were having was just a playback of the loop that this women tells herself every day.  She’s the martyr, she’s getting some sort of payoff in her mind by telling herself this story.

I left just feeling weird though about the conversation.  I wasn’t about to get into a tit for tat conversation about who indeed has gone through more pain.  What a waste of time.  But it did get me thinking…

It’s a naive thing to compare pain.  Even something like divorce, or cancer or a death can send one person spiraling into their darkest days while others use those times to thrive, get clarity and vow to live a life they’d otherwise been scared to.

How people cope is never the same. Some need others, some quietly cry in their own privacy.


Don’t EVER let someone make you feel Less than worthy because you haven’t responded to life by their set rules or expectations.   I’m grateful today at 36 I am comfortable enough in my being that I didn’t need to get affirmed by this woman or deemed “to have suffered a sufficient amount to avoid her judgement”.    At 20, 26 or even 30…. who knows how I would have responded.


Whether it’s mean comments on blogs, online posts, videos, social media.  People are quick to cut others down.  Instead of being scared of this, consider it a compliment if it ever happens to you.   Rise above it and gather a network of people around you who are too busy making shit happen, having fun and loving life to be worrying whether or not they’ve suffered enough or are shining their light too bright.    Be grateful for the clarity to see past that dark and sad place of judgement and anger.   Build a life that lights you up, surrender to your wise self!


Wishing you an incredible week and 4th!!