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European Tour Recap – Creating an Inspired Life Radio


This week on True 2 You Radio I share all about the amazing lessons, experiences and life changing moments from my 2 week tour in Europe.   Listen in as I talk about how the project came into fruition, how I became involved and what transpired with the women from around Europe during our visit.  I wish everyone could have a chance to spend two weeks with these incredible Braveheart sisters. It’s truly an experience of seeing the best in people.     go to this link. Scroll down to the Creating an Inspired life link. Scroll down to the October 26th, 2014 podcast: Harmony Tour recap.


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Enough of the energy drains – creating an inspired life radio

This week on my True2youradio show:

Enough of the energy drains

Let’s talk about all the places we are wasting and spending our precious energy.  Ways to start to take notice and save it up for the things we really want to spend it on!


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Netherlands – Harmony tour

we spent the morning walking through the open airmarkets. Fresh fruits, olives, breads, fish… you name it.  The we sat and enjoyed a latté on the patio, we sat in frail wood chairs. each featuring vibrant paint of different colors, peeling off in places. It was perfect.

There is a stunnimg mall that is a huge arch withlight coming in through the 2 walls of windows. Yesterday I had a fresh juice drink from there.

Last night we dined at an italian restauant, we met 2 of the local women who will be at todays Harmony circle. Here are some pictures from today:







Tonight after our harmony circle we will take an overnight ferry to England. We will arrive there in the morning.

One of my favorite moments was sitting at the bus stop on Frankfurt a couple nights ago. We were getting readt to take the over night train to Rotterdam, Netherlands and there was a group of college age kids. They had their radio turned up and all of us ladies could help but dance along. There was a bonding between groups even though no words were spoken.



day 7 updates ~ harmony tour

I will start from today and work backwards…


frankfurt, Germany





view from the top of the church steeple. 300+ steps in a small winding staircase.

super proud of the78 year old sister who made it to the top too.

After Paris we headedto The French Riviera. There we spent the evening with a group of french women. It was so great to meet them and learn more about their culture, social etiquette, etc.  Every waiter had had was a riot. On theMeditteranean ewe ate at a beautiful restaurant Le Lido. Amazing atmosphere and food.  One of the things I am taking away from this experience is an appreciate for the way they prepare, serve and ENJOY every meal with celebration, apreciation and joy. I have lots of great pics on my camera that I will share once I am  home.

Then We headed to Nice, France for breakfast before taking our flight to Frankfort. We had a layover in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lots of walking, eating, more walking, more eating.

Tonight we are spending the night at the home of a Braveheart sister here in Frankfort. Tomorrow we will meet with a group of German women.  Its been so great meeting every one

I have seen every day the thirst women around Europe have to feel strong, secure and confident in their own skin. Each culture has different expectations put on them that they have to break through to release their authentic self.






Money and pricing workshop for entrepreneurs – creating an inspired life radio


This week on my True2youradio show:

Money and pricing workshop for entrepreneurs

Step out of your money discomfort. We are digging deep talking about money, how to price your products and why you should feel good charging more!


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Paris, France

Yesterday we were so privilaged to work with 35+ Portuguése women They were so lovely. Some spoke English but most did not. It was a beatiful how the started off with peopke a little shy but by end the language, culture or geography didn’t matter. we felt so connected as a group of women compssion for what others are going through, yet holding a dpace for one another as we grow and continue to be more connected and peaceful both inside and out.. We wrapped up the evening exchanging emails, taking photos and sharing hugs. It was beautiful.  Afterwards our group at at a delicious vegetarian restaurant. Then got settled into our new hotel for the night.

This morning we woke up at 3:45am We caught an early flight to Paris. Once we got here we checked in and replenished our energies with a day of sightseeing.  We started the journey with cafe and croissants. (amazingly the first one I have ever loved). The walked along the river, and took in the scenery. We stopped and drank some red wine with cheese and baguettes. It was an experience I will never forget.  We saw Notre Dame and many bridges.


Laughed so hard trying to figure out the self washing port-a-potties.

Then for dinner I had french onion soup and crepes filled with nutella. They were both great.

The afternoon rain stopped in time for us to take a night time walk to the Eiffel Tower. it was pretty amazing.


Paris is indeed stunning, rain or shine.  Goodnight. Off to S. France in the morning. We will do a harmony circle with those women tomorrow.  Feeling filled with gratitude.


Lisbon, Portugal

 Today I arrived in Lisbon.  I had a brief layover in Newark on the way, what a gift. I got to see the New York City skyline in the daylight when when we came into Newark. Then I was lucky enough to see the full moon over the skyline at night as we took off. I have never had much of a draw towards NYC but I must say that  I could feel the energy and pull of it even from the sky.

Yesterday I met up with 3 other women that will be on this tour with me, we ventured  off on foot from our hotel and found the cutest little cafe/ restaurant. We stayed for 3 hours as the owner proudly brought out a giant fresh salad and shrimp. we then picked out our cuts of fish and then perfectly grilled them and presented them with a large family style plate of steamed veggies. I was such a quintessential Portugal experience. He didnt speak English and we at least knew how to say salad and shrimp… so it was a success.

I feel like I have known these women for years. Truly soul sisters. We had a great time laughing and sharing stories.

Its a good thing I was really tired because the beds are not much to write home about. (but I will tell you about them anyways).



We are off soon to go meet the rest of the women and have our first harmony circle here in Lisbon.  Tomorrow we flyout to Paris.  I will check in again soon.


Interview with Pam Dusbabek – Creating an Inspired Life radio


This week on my True2youradio show:

Interview with Pam Dusbabek of Heart of Life documentary photography

She’s the one who took this fun fall photo:


Entrepreneur and photographer Pam Dusbabek discusses the journey to finding her authentic and inspired path of documentary photography.  This great show is not just for photographers, people of all industries will feel inspired after listening to Pam’s story and journey she’s taken.


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