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Holiday Survival Guide for visiting family – creating an inspired life radio

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Holiday Survival Guide for visiting family, relatives or in-laws!

Join me for 30 minutes to help get you in a good mental place before heading to spend a meal, a weekend or a longer with family, relatives or in-laws.  Tips to feel great so when other’s start pushing your buttons, you feel exhausted and wish you could go back in time and fill up your energy cup… this is it.  A preventative dose of  positive messages and tips.

Save the link and listen before any holiday visits year round.




New Christmas Cards are in!

This year I was looking for a great way to be a little more green by using less paper but also really communicate a Christmas message that spoke to me.   My solution;  Christmas postcards.  They are flat Christmas postcards.   Picture on the front and message on the back.   They come with an envelope so you get the classy feel of a Christmas card but you’ll use almost 50% less paper!!  BONUS!

The card features a snowy, winters night. Trees, a lantern and under a tree, a boy laying in his red, warm pjs saying his Christmas prayers.

Due to a lot of things falling perfectly into place I’m able to offer an incredible price on these as well.   Stop on over to my Etsy page and check them out.   They come in sets of 10, perfect for all or part of your holiday card list.   Feel free to share with anyone you know that would love these cards.







New artwork – Cardinal in Winter

Introducing my newest painting:


Cardinal in Winter


You can click the image above or here to read more about this painting.


Soulful Job Openings here at Noelle Rollins Art

Do you know someone who fits this description?

Honest, full of integrity, magnetic, people love them, love to talk with people and make things happen?   

 I am looking for one or two people to join my team.  You can click the picture or go here to read all about the position.  If you know someone fitting the description above I’d love if you’d forward them the link.


Living Alive Aware and Awake – interview with Mary Welch – Creating an Inspired life radio


This week over on  join me for a soulful discussion with author, facilitator and coach Mary Welch as she shares how she is creating an inspired life and how she helps others to be Alive, Aware and Awake.


You can go here to the main page to see what is playing now and when the show will air.


Or REALLY COOL you can also now go to my archives page and listen to all the past shows, see them all with titles, a description and pick which ones resonate with what you wish to hear.



Tips for Soulful Travel – Creating an Inspired Life Radio

Join me this week on True2Youradio as I share Tips for Soulful Travel.

Do you dread travelling?  or do you come home after a trip ready for more and feeling soulfully fulfilled?

Change the way you look at travelling.  I share my top 10 tips to make the most out of every trip whether it’s across town, the country or the world.


Have you missed my past shows?  You can now listen to all either in iTunes or here in the my show archives.