Holiday Survival Guide for visiting family – creating an inspired life radio

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Holiday Survival Guide for visiting family, relatives or in-laws!

Join me for 30 minutes to help get you in a good mental place before heading to spend a meal, a weekend or a longer with family, relatives or in-laws.  Tips to feel great so when other’s start pushing your buttons, you feel exhausted and wish you could go back in time and fill up your energy cup… this is it.  A preventative dose of  positive messages and tips.

Save the link and listen before any holiday visits year round.




Living Alive Aware and Awake – interview with Mary Welch – Creating an Inspired life radio


This week over on  join me for a soulful discussion with author, facilitator and coach Mary Welch as she shares how she is creating an inspired life and how she helps others to be Alive, Aware and Awake.


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Tips for Soulful Travel – Creating an Inspired Life Radio

Join me this week on True2Youradio as I share Tips for Soulful Travel.

Do you dread travelling?  or do you come home after a trip ready for more and feeling soulfully fulfilled?

Change the way you look at travelling.  I share my top 10 tips to make the most out of every trip whether it’s across town, the country or the world.


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Enough of the energy drains – creating an inspired life radio

This week on my True2youradio show:

Enough of the energy drains

Let’s talk about all the places we are wasting and spending our precious energy.  Ways to start to take notice and save it up for the things we really want to spend it on!


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Announcing the Creating an Inspired life Radio Show!!

I have longed for a way to connect with people, especially women who are looking for ways to live a more inspired, authentic and creative life.  


Announcing the:

Creating an Inspired Life with Noelle Rollins radio show!!




Starting today, Monday July 28th  My radio show, Creating an Inspired Life, is in the lineup on the new online station:  True2YouRadio.

My first show is today at 11am Central.  It’s replaying a few times a day though so I’d love if you listen in.  It’s my first show of my own so I’m finding my way and working out the kinks  but I invite you to join me as I continue on with this weekly show.

I’ll be covering topics that are true to my heart such as:

  • tips to be authentic day to day, why it’s not a one time decision but instead a thousand small decision each day.
  • exploring the minimalism movement
  • grief; exploring the emotions of losing someone or having someone close to us sick
  • setting boundaries
  • bringing inspiration into our daily lives
  • how to find what lights you up
  • finding ourselves again after big changes


When I was approached about doing this show, it’s funny.  I’d had a list of topics and potential guests already listed on a page in my notebook.  I didn’t know what the list was for when I made it, but now I do.   (love how the universe works)

When you go to the station you can just click the play button at the bottom of the page, in between shows there are meditations and calming music.  There are a wide range of shows on the station, I’d love for you to start listening to mine and then stick around to see if there are others that you resonate with as well.   I feel incredibly blessed to get this opportunity and just today got to see the list of people who also have shows and I’m blown away to be included in the lineup with them.  eeeekk.

You can also click to download the podcast and listen when it works for you!

oh, and last fun part….   I got my dad to play my intro and outro music. 🙂   So special to me.

Here is the link one more time: