Fear – perspective


Sending light and love to each of you today!  May be find a way to remove our fears and embrace what it.  Here is  a great quote from Brene Brown:


They wanted to know so I thought I’d let you know also

Good evening,


There is only 1 week left until the big launch of Finding Myself in the Moonlight!!


I’ve gotten a handful of questions from women looking to participate in the Finding Myself in the Moonlight e-course.  I wanted to answer them all for you here.


Q: You’re not a therapist, how do you know how to help me?

A:  True story, I am not a licensed therapist or counselor.  I don’t pretend to be, I believe that life’s answers come to us from many places, each a different piece of a giant puzzle. A therapist or counselor is a different piece than mine. I have something that some of them do not have, I’ve lived through finding my most authentic, soulful self, that’s why I feel confident in helping others do the same.  In my early 20’s I’ve gone from trusting myself, being confident and taking the world by storm, to later feeling isolated, unsure, angry and depressed.  I have lived the changes that come with moving across the country, working for others and owning my own business and having  (recovering) from multiple surgeries.

I’ve waded through the devastating waters of divorce, miscarriage and unexpectedly losing a parent too young. I’ve held the hand of a dear friend while she got chemo and I’ve organized an intervention for a loved one facing addiction.  I have people that cheer me on and “get” what I do and I have people that don’t like me, that judge me and that think being an artist is not a valid career.  If I didn’t figure out a way to be content and in love with ME then I probably wouldn’t get out of bed many of the days during these past events. Fortunately I’ve always been a seeker of answers and learning from people. I’ve used the lessons I’ll share with you to feel confident in my role in the world, my family and career.

Today, I can honestly say that I wake up 99% of days feeling content, blissful and grateful for my life. But be sure that my happiness is not because I’ve never experience hard times. It’s because I’ve survived, grown, soul searched, cried, and learned as I did the hard work it took to be the person I am today.  It’s my life mission to help share what I’ve learned with others.


Q: What does this course have to do with the moonlight?

A:  Technically this course has nothing to do with moonlight however symbolically this course IS the moonlight. When we feel like we are in the dark, in our own space with no one watching, I imagine this course and the women involved are each giving us the space to make changes, decisions and declare our intentions for our lives without the pressure of everyone analyzing as we do.  We will bring our best selves into the light again!


Q: I don’t see anything about Religion, if I am religious will I connect with this course?

A:  Yes, the beauty about helping people be their own most authentic selves is that there is room for each participant to filter all topics through their own Religion or spiritual beliefs.  I have created this course so that people of any religion or those who are not religious should all feel at home and welcomed.


Q: Will you offer this course again this year?

A:  At this point I’m not planning to.  I do have a vision to do a larger, more in-depth course called Dancing in the Moonlight. The later course will feature interviews with women who are living amazing, authentic lives. It will dive deeper into the areas from this course and we will also work more in areas of having a vision for our life, connecting with own light, honoring our truest calling, rising above the outpouring of drama and negativity that we are flooded with in our world.  That course will be a higher financial investment, so this current finding myself e-course is a great way to dive in and start the work in these areas at a lower price point.


Q: My work and home life schedules are never the same from day to day, will I have to be at my computer at a certain time each day?

A:  This is on of the perks of doing an e-course, you will receive the materials and then you can watch the videos and view the lessons at your leisure.  So you can make this course fit your schedule. This is great for people that work various shifts or are super busy.


I am SO looking forward to sharing this online time, heart and experience with you.   None of us need to do it alone!

Invest in yourself with 2 monthly payments of $35 each here

or pay the $68 in full here.


Class begins in 1 week on Sunday January 19th! 





Make sure you’re not making your family feel this way

It’s a cold, make that very cold few days here in Minnesota, because of that the kids are off school today and Bruce’s shop closed for the day so we are all cozied inside playing games and watching movies. 

I wanted to take a few minutes to connect with you and share a few very personal lessons I’ve learned.


Some of you may not know why I feel so passionate about helping women re-find themselves and their place in this world.  It’s a very raw story and I share it with you with the intent of using the lessons learned from it to help other families never go through what mine did.  My new e-course starts in a couple weeks and it’s not just a class to me, it’s about women coming together and helping each other through the life’s variety of paths and making space for our lights to shine.


I think back to 2008 feeling so helpless, shedding tears yet again, trying to figure out what I could do or say to help my dear, sweet mother.  I was watching the woman I looked up to my whole life not see her value in the world.  It broke my heart.


I don’t want ANYONE to feel what I felt then.  Sadly I’m learning it’s a silent epidemic that people everywhere are going through, thinking they are alone.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


While my mother was an expert at creating the best family get togethers, giving the perfect gift or even cutting our hair when we were young, later on she didn’t take enough time in her life to stop and invest in her own well being.  Her joys, her passions, her friends, the way she could connect with the world and what she had to offer it all took a back seat to making sure everyone else around her had what they needed. Those last 20 years it was all about her family.  

On one hand, as a member of her family this was an amazing gift she gave us. We all had a best friend on standby ready to help us, hear about what we needed to say and help us figure out lifes messes.  On the other hand had she taken time for her self, learned to say no more often and had better boundaries I believe she would still be here today. Regardless of whether that last part is true, undoubtedly she would have had a much more joyous last few years here on earth.  

She passed away unexpectedly from pancreatitis in January of 2009.  

I can’t speak for the other people in her life but I can share the lessons I learned from those days, her death and the years following.


I made a vow to myself that I would help women just like my mom; Beautiful, loving, wise, strong women.  This was a woman who raised 5 kids and had more love for people than I’ve ever seen.  The thing is her feeling bad didn’t happen over night.  It came after years of her taking on more than she needed, thinking things would get better on their own. Choosing to think that there was something wrong with her instead of realizing her emotions were very normal for someone going through what she was. Also, feeling shame that she couldn’t fix everything she felt and that was happening around her. 



I learned a few very important things in the following months.


1) Taking on everyone else’s problems and not having healthy boundaries can actually, really kill you.


2) We all think we have forever.  We don’t. It’s so important we spend our lives doing things that matter, that make a difference and then are in alignment with our truest selves.  


3) You can’t take the stuff with you. Don’t spend your life focused on things. It’s the love, memories and wisdom you shared during your life that matters after you’re gone.


4) Shame is deadly.  Don’t let yourself live in shame. Get help if you need it, pray, ask for forgiveness, talk to those who care about you. Often the power those things we are so scared of others knowing have over us are diminished once we talk about them.


5) No matter how much you want to fix the problems of someone around you, they have to be willing to do the work and WANT TO CHANGE.  You CAN’T do it for them. 


6) If you are noticing that you are feeling sad, out of sorts or you’ve lost your confidence and aren’t sure what your life is about as you enter a new chapter then please know that there are resources out there for you and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



Even if you don’t take my e-course or resonate with the other things I’m saying please listen to this one thing:  If you aren’t feeling well, or your intuition tells you something isn’t right, please get help, get checked out.  My mom passed away of pancreatitis.  A very curable condition if caught in time. Be proactiv with your health.  That includes your mental health. Talk to someone, journal, find an online group that fits what you’re needing.  If you have a family member going through this, I understand how awkward it can be to have these tough conversations but try to have them, lovingly. If you can’t say it, try to write a heartfelt letter or have a qualified 3rd party help in communicating the message and hope of getting through it.


The thing is, I hope to reach women much earlier than those darkest days, so none of us will never have to feel that despair.  Even if you don’t know what it is that you should be focusing on, we’ll be laying out a variety of topics to help get you started in the right direction. Equally important to the information is the community this e-course will bring. Loving, wise, compassionate women, each with their own gifts.



If you are interested in really honest, open coversations about the subjects above and more, please join me for the Finding Myself in the Moonlight e-course!

You can learn more information and watch videos about the course here.


I  have a great new payment option also if you would like to break up the enrollment into 2 payments.


The online journey starts in a couple weeks on January 19th!!  Click the links or the photo


The dirty little secret of some of us mommas and wives


Let’s get really real for a moment here.

I can remember back, I was living in Texas raising a beautiful 2 year old little girl. I glowed even thinking of her, she was a gift and I loved everything about being a mom.  I really wanted to be a mom that stayed at home and raised her. I had it all figured out, the more I was with her the more I could fill her so full of love, healthy food, and wisdom.  My mom had raised 5 of us, seriously how hard could it be raising 1.  Most of the time it was amazing, fulfilled pieces of me that I didn’t even know were there and I didn’t think life could be better.  Looking back, my marriage was pretty much done. I just didn’t see it.  I really just figured there would be good years and bad years. And the 3 year bad cycle we were in would be followed by a lifelong good cycle… hmmm.  We really never fought so I figured it was fine and I shelved my feelings about it.

But under that, this part of myself that I didn’t want to even see, hear or acknowlede was growing louder.  I started to notice it in pictures, a subtle sparkle that was missing.  What was I doing wrong? I really did love getting to be a stay at home mom and wife.  I was 25 and I just kept plugging.  With my  head high.

When money was starting to get tight I noticed there was something different about the way I handled it. Me, the one who worked 3 jobs while in college suddenly was terrified of getting a job.  How could I even think of putting my little angel into the care of someone else.  And I can’t say I was wrong for having those fears, maybe it was brilliance masked in fear. Realistically, its possible the part time work I may have done at that time very well could have not even paid for the babysitter while I worked, who knows.  The growing issue was something deeper.

I was starting to lose my mojo. My confidence. My certainty of my place in the world.  In theory I knew I had lots to offer but I felt bad and sad about myself.  I was missing my connection to the outside world.  My connection to women that understood me, that wouldn’t judge me or think I’m a bad mom or wife because there was some tough days.

In the years since I have gotten to do it again. Both a new marriage and a new child.  6 years ago I met my soulmate husband.  Then almost 10 years after my daughter was born I got to be a work from home mom with my son.  Things were so beautifully different this time. I made sure to find connection, I continued to work even if only a few hours a week to keep my toe in the water. But most importantly I continued to nurture my own self and honor my place in my family.  I set better boundaries with people and I reached out for wisdom from nurturing and wise women around me.  It isn’t always rosy every second, I’ve felt judged by others outside my family for my choices, there are times I wished I made more money, times I wished I just had a normal job that I could come home from, times I have felt paralyzing fear because I’m pursuing my dream and I want it SO bad. The time I called my sister having a breakdown because I felt like all I was doing was feeding my 4 month old son ALL THE TIME. I wanted my boobs back.  But each of those stressful times passed and have fallen into their proper place with time and perspective.

I think it all comes down to this. We can be really good moms, really loving and doting wives but if we don’t honor our well being as women then we will crack.  I’ve realized how fragile people are. The ones who are having a momentary emotional breakdown are often not the weak ones. They are often the ones who carry more than those around them.  When we aren’t living in tune with our authentic, soulful mission we feel that disconnect.   We need to just quiet down sometimes and listen to what our inner self, God, intuition is showing us is right for us.

I really dream of an online place for us as soulful women to gather, share and support one another. A place without judgement or competition. A place without bragging over our kids test scores or size. A place where we can be strong, wise and nurturing while simultaneously being soft, vulnerable and supportive.  I have visions of having an online community, a series of video interviews with women around the country and the globe who are making things happen and thriving through all walks of life.   My first step in  making these things a reality is an online journey I have created called, “Finding myself in the moonlight”.  This is going to be a 6 week online course where I will facilitate presenting various topics up for discussion, throw out what people have found has worked for them and we will use those things, my own artistic, inspirational touch and the wisdom of everyone in the group to each help ourselves define what works for us. We will work through areas such as boundaries, guilt, self care and more.

You can find out more about this course and watch the videos for it here: http://noellerollinsart.com/finding-myself-in-the-moonlight-2/



I’ve created a few different videos about the course. I wanted to make sure to speak to different groups specifically.  (Just make sure to hit play quickly because it’s horrible to have to see the video frames that youtube has chosen to freeze as the start. ha. )

If you are a stay at home mom this video is for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgk9vLJ_BNY

If you are finding yourself outgrowing some of the people in your life and you are looking for people that “get” you now and the spiritual, soulful part of you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9XrEgeCZnk

One of my greatest teachers has been my mother.  I’ve shared a very vulnerable lesson I’ve learned through watching her and the heartbreaking frustration of her death. This is for you women that have raised your kids and are now finding your place in the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzy1Vfb8qfs

In October I have AMAZINGLY low early bird registration prices going on. Seriously under $5/week!

If you’re ready to connect with other amazing women of all ages register now.


Fall updates and new announcements!

It’s been a year full of all sorts of changes so I wanted to take a few minutes and share a few new stores I’m in, where you can find my work and what new work I’m offering.  Plus I have a SUPER big announcement that I haven’t told anyone about yet. You’ll find that all the way at the bottom.  yep, I’m (not so subtly) sneaky like that.

At the end of July I ended my year at the studio, it was a really great time. I made a tough decision to listen to the inner voice telling me that even though it was great and parts I loved, it wasn’t a perfect fit.  I found myself producing and selling a lot of work, racing between home and the studio and yet somehow not any further ahead. I am learning to really appreciate that as much as I fight it, it’s when I quiet down and make myself sit in that silence for a bit that my best and deepest (most daring) ideas come to me.  2 days after moving out of the studio my family went on a 2 week road trip through Utah and out to Oregon and up to Washington and back through Montana. We did about 1/2 camping and 1/2 hotels. It was really great. Not only is the nature and site seeing incredible I am always amazed at how much it feeds my soul to take time away and be an observer. I let myself relax more, reserve judgement and just take it all in. I don’t think I’ve been on a vacation yet that didn’t change me and help me know myself better. Now with both the kids at school and preschool each day and after the changes I feel like I’m finding my groove again and hitting my stride.

NEW artwork, stores and more:

My music artwork is hanging on display until the end of the month at the Egg & I East restaurant in St. Paul (off Univ. and 280).

In a few weeks you’ll be able to start finding my Soulful Yoga artwork at the Living Waters Cafe. 12201 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305


I have a few studios out east now carrying my Soulful Yoga series, you can also now find my prints, cards and some pallet artwork in Anoka, MN at the New Moon Metaphysical Store. They are great, and offer classes and more.

I have been expanding my small print selection.  These are small prints mounted into a 5″x7″ mat. They are ready to fit into a standard size frame that can be found at any store. People have been loving them to give as gifts and they are perfect to hang up around the office or a cubicle.  I have a few new selections on my Etsy page.


Here is my newest pallet art designs. These are so versatile, I hope you’ll love them: (you can click the image to see them on Etsy)

Shine_Believe_PalletDuo copy

Sports Art Special:

There are a few more days left to get in on the action and order an original Volleyball or Football painting! These are great and people have loved that you can add a name or # if you choose also.  Only $47 for an 8″x10″.  Great for a middle school or high school athlete. I’ve also had some that have been adding to their collection each quarter that I offer a new sport and are building a sports themed family room. Love that.  In November I’ll be offering a basketball and hockey special!

VballFootball_NoelleRollinsArt_SeptSpecial copy


Upcoming show dates:

This Saturday, the 28th – Ladies you are welcome to join me at the September Braveheart meeting.  It’s from 10am – 1pm. Msg me for details.

Sunday October 13, Temple of Aaron Sisterhood Arts and Crafts show.  I will have a booth here, it runs from 9am – 4pm.  at 616 S. Mississippi River Blvd

Saturday November 2nd & Sunday, Nov. 3rd. 4 Angels arts and crafts show.  – 27th and Stinson in NE Minneapolis    this runs from 10am-4pm both days. I did this show last year and it was awesome. Cool area, great vendors, outdoor. You can see all the info and vendors that will be in this show here.

Thursday, November 21st.  Stella’s on 97 Winter Craft show.   I did this show for the first time earlier this month and it was great. Tons of vendors and food and drinks. Plus it’s always fun to be back in Forest Lake.  If you’re in FL know that this is the show too that I’ll be bringing some of my remaining wine glasses with me to. I have a couple dozen left so I’ll have those there.    7050 Scandia Trail N  Forest Lake, MN 55025     4pm – 9pm.


Harmony Project:

Lastly, I am excited to announce that I’ve hit the $2500 mark on my fundraising for my Israel trip!!  I thank each of you who have so generously donated and purchased bracelets from me the last 8 months.    I’m both trying to celebrate the moment and feel the gratitude and also know that I still have $7000 still to raise.  I have to admit that it is not in my comfort zone to feel so publicly vulnerable and at such risk to not reach my goal all while everyone is watching.  I am trusting that things will continue to come together and I know that I am meant to be over in Jerusalem next May.  I see such a need for what we’ll be doing over there. In fact I love it that I’m beginning to be abt le to use some of these same skills and perspective I’m learning for over there and apply them right here in my own town and in fact even my own family.  This entire journey is so beautifully teaching me and making me a better person.  I would love to ask you to take a look at all the bracelets I have on my website. I have gotten another 80+ in since I’ve shared before.  The earth tone brown seems to be the most popular this fall, there are just a few of those left.  You can view them by either color or style on the website. I will also have bracelets with me at each of the shows listed above.  You can see them here.

DSCN3439   chrysanthemum_Multi9_13 BlossomsAndScrolls_Bracelets_9_13

I also have an online fundraising drive going for the next 27 days. I am at $33 raised out of a goal of $500 on here.  If you can even donate $11 I’d be SO grateful.  There are some new incentives and gifts for donations this time also.  Please check it out. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/noelle-rollins-harmony-israel-palestinian-trip-round-2

The NEW super exciting news:


  • Have you blurred part of your identity while giving everything to others?

  • Are you needing support in setting some new healthy boundaries?

  • Are you longing for a path to help guide you in reconnecting with your inner wisdom, purpose and authentic self?

  • Are you ready to move forward and start creating an inspired life?

  • Are you so busy doing everything for everybody that you don’t even remember what YOU find fun and enjoyable?

  • Do you long for new connections with other soulful women?


If any of those describe where you find yourself right now then you won’t want to miss what is coming in January 2014:


Starting in October I will begin sharing more information and details.


Until then, I hope you’re enjoying fall as much as I am! Sending hugs to each of you, Noelle




Outside of the “real world”

There can be an aching so deep and so widespread that creeps up so quietly you don’t even notice it’s there.  It may be your own aching or it may be the pain of another…

I remember myself lying next to my mom in her bed on Halloween night a few years ago. I’m holding her hand, my daughter is stroking her hair. My mom is crying.  She in the depths of a darkness that she doesn’t even know how she got into.  I lay with her and tell her that I’m here for her, I know it’s been hard lately but that she can turn the page and really embrace this next chapter of her life.  She says through tears, “I want to Noelle, I do. I just don’t know if I can do it. I don’t know how but I want to.”  My heart is breaking; here is my mom, my nurturer, my best friend and my teacher and I don’t know how to help her.

I rewind in my mind to 8 years prior: My parents had come down to Texas to visit me, I had just had my daughter a couple days before. It was their first granddaughter and they were beyond excited.  My mom looked the best I’d ever seen her, she glowed with peace and happiness from the inside out.  We spent the week doing touristy things and just laying around staring at this new baby. Six months later we moved to Minnesota and stayed with them while we found a place.  I was home w/ my daughter during this time just doing artwork part time so every day my mom, my sister and her newborn and myself would go on walks, hang out with the kids, have movie nights once we got the kids down. Life was good.  I moved to Texas again for a bit and then when I came back to Minnesota (sans husband) during my divorce in 2004 I noticed a slight change in my mom over the following years.  My best assessment is that she got caught in a Bermuda triangle-like whirlwind that she didn’t see coming.  Kids growing up and moving out (she had devoted that last decade of her life solely to her husband and raising 5 kids), knee surgery, menopause, income changes while my dad started his new company and I think for the first time since before she had kids she had a moment to think about her life. She had time to reflect upon her childhood and feel some of the feelings that she hadn’t even had time to notice.  She was a strong woman, any one of these things she would’ve handled no problem but I think the whole sum of them along with her not setting the best boundaries (see more here on that: http://noellerollinsart.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/i-give-you-permission-to-say-no/   )  set her into a tailspin.

As a daughter I wish I could’ve done more to help her. I wish I could have helped her earlier to get involved with some sort of activity that didn’t revolve around her family. I wish I could have helped her to believe in her amazing-ness.  Be an interior designer or some other career or volunteer position that would help her to see her gifts.  She felt so paralyzed by fear and insecurity after not being out “in the real world” for so long that it seemed impossible, and unappealing to her.

My mom came from a culture where there was no sharing of personal problems.  You smiled and pretended everything was fine to the outside world. From that there was an unspoken rule to not discuss what she was going through.  The clash comes though that my sisters and I especially are from a generation where we share everything, we learn from each other, we celebrate each other and we know that because someone is going through a hard time it doesn’t mean they are a failure. It went against her every instinct to share her struggles.  I know she is not the only one to go through this.

Back to that Halloween night a few years ago; while I’m glad I was able to just be there for her and listen I wish with every part of myself I would have been able to help her. I know my mom wanted to be in a better space mentally, and while that Halloween was definitely a low point she had many other really happy times over the next 80 days. I got to have a phone conversation with her where she was feeling down and she was worried about us. I got to tell my mom that she was the best mom, that because of her we had confidence in ourselves. That because of her we know how to love, make good decisions and be loving parents ourselves.  I got to thank her for being such a great mom and list example after example of ways that she helped us and we talked about happy memories from my childhood. I got to tell her how much I love her and she apologized for anything she ever did through our lives that made us feel bad and I got to tell her that I couldn’t think of a single one.

This call I now know was a gift, she passed away just days after.

No one knew she was sick, I still believed that she was going to pull through this funk and return to her happy, conquer the world self.  While she didn’t know that she would ultimately get pancreatitis, her soul knew that the end was near.  My phone call was just one of many calls or visits that she made those final days that helped to give so many of us peace.  Someday I’ll share more about so many of the synchronicities that occurred.

I’m trying to write this in the most honest heart felt way that I can both to possibly help others and help myself in finding peace but also respect my mom’s dignity, privacy and her spirit.   I know my mom is now at peace but I realize through my tears that I still have a bit of a longing for what could have been and for what I wish I could have done and mostly a deep need to take her story and turn it into something that can help myself and others from possibly knowing they are not alone. There are many facets to the feelings and emotions that go along with raising a family, honoring ourselves and loving one another; no one should have to feel alone while going through them.

It’s my dream to create a safe space to help women that are going through life’s big changes (divorce, children moving out, menopause, career changes, new baby, etc.) Help through honesty, infusing creativity, giving permission to take time for yourself and spread the message that you are worth a fun hobby, a new group of friends that get you and it actually makes you a better mom, friends, sister, daughter, etc.   It’s my vision to create a space for women that encourages authentic, soulful living, self-discovery, support and creativity. I want to create and share my work in a way that provides value and encouragement to others, help them on their own creative journeys meanwhile helping all of us to live our most abundant lives.  I am not completely sure how this vision will unfold, but I know while I am allowing those answers to come through I will continue to reach out, create artwork to inspire and move into a space where I can teach art classes.  Art classes where the final painting isn’t the focus, it’s the journey, the tuning into our creative voices, learning something new, and just going for it.  You were created and put on this earth for a reason. I believe with all of my being that we each have a soul mission.

My hope is that if it’s meant to be that our paths will cross in the future as we help one another on this journey.



If you are interested in staying in the loop on any future classes and posts on this subject please subscribe to my blog and stay in the loop.   Sending you much love!  *N

e-course heaven

Back in December I’d never taken an e-course, never really thought much about them.  Then I stumbled across some information about one coming up on the Where Women Create facebook page. (LOVE that magazine!!!!)  So I checked out Hello Soul Hello Business. It was made for me I tell you.  After getting up the nerve I signed up. It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was at a place with my art where I could feel transition and growth happening but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I had just had my gallbladder removed and I was going to be doing a lot of lying around for the month of January.  When this course started (It was created by the fabulous Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls). I savored every post, contemplated every question and filled up notebooks full of  journaling, exercise answers and sketches. I LOVED it. Equally as valuable as the content in the course was (is) the amazing group of like-minded people I met from all over the world. I had heard people talking about finding your tribe, I found mine. Such a special group of soulful, creative, caring women.  Fast forward 4 months and the course was wrapping up, I then signed up for Vivienne McMasters Montage course. It starts today and I am SO excited, I can’t wait to make some great videos for my website and use those skills also in making great videos of my family. Add in the Goddess Leona from far away Australia – I signed up for her “Become a business Goddess”, I stayed up til 2am that night reading all about her journey and insight on e-courses, business expansion, etc.  That next morning in fact I woke up before 6 when my son woke up, my husband knew I was so tired from being up so late that he took him out to the living room and let me sleep a bit longer. As I drifted back to sleep that’s when I had the most amazing visions/dreams all about the e-course I want to teach.  I knew what each chapter would be about, at least a dozen experts I wanted to pull in to teach on different aspects of it, some quotes and the feeling I wanted the students to have while taking the course. I then woke up and luckily had a pen and paper on the floor by my bed. I wrote every detail I could remember down. I was still half asleep but that probably helped me not to over analyze each item. I then thought of 2 more courses and some details for those.  …then… I went back to bed.  It wasn’t until 10pm that night that I finally got a chance to look at my scribbled. I got goosebumps! I am SO glad I wrote down all my ideas.  Of course now I’m also going to be taking a course in September all about teaching e-courses (cuz only the best for my students).

So yes here I am now, I am blogging while taking my 4th e-course. Build a blog you truly love by Liv Lane.  And yes… I’m loving it.  I hadn’t really thought too much about blogging until these last few months but something really struck me a couple of weeks ago during our first class.  During an interview between Seth Godin and Tom Peters they were talking about the benefits of blogging and one mentioned how he felt very strongly felt that blogging had absolutely helped make his business as successful as it is today. Secondly he talked about the personal development advantage; when you blog you take yourself out of the situation a bit and force yourself to gain some perspective, process life’s events in a different way. Then you articulate those events into a congruent thought.  I hadn’t ever thought about it that way but it’s so true. It constantly forces me to rise above whatever situation I’m facing (even if just for a few minutes) to see it all from a greater point of view.

I have found such incredible value in taking these courses.  As said before I have met amazing people, I am learning so many incredible things (who would’ve thought that being an artist for a living would mean that you actually only painted 10% of your working hours), most of my classes I’m taking are so that I can get my business side together, hire the right people to help me with it so I can up my painting percentage. Although it does make a monday easier sitting outside on the pergola under the grapevines w/ the birds chirping in the background I have to say.  But even better than being out here w/ my laptop would be being out here w/ my easel!