Sacred Hellos Artwork Series

Have you ever received a sacred hello?

Most of my life I never gave it much thought. However it all changed after my mother (best friend) passed away unexpectedly in early 2009. The day after my mom passed, I had a visit dream from her.  It was so comforting, full of love and truly a message from her that she was alright.

In the months and years since I have gotten signs from her such as the bald eagle that followed us for miles to her grave.  The 3 feathers that dropped from the sky while I stood outside a mall talking to my sister on the phone while I picked up shoes for my other sister’s wedding (the conversation on the phone was about how much we wished she could be there).

The night I gave birth to my son, I felt what I thought was my water trickle.  Out loud I asked my mom to help me out and make me know for sure.  I laid back in bed, then I got up and it was like slow motion as the clock clicked to 11:11, my water broke and gushed at that exact moment.

I’ve had a song come on and give me goosebumps repeatedly, it was always when I was in a rush so I never stopped to listen.  The one night I was reading a book by Allison DuBois (the show The medium is based on her life). She talked about how her father send her messages through songs.  The next morning as I was alone in the car the same song came on. This time I finally slowed down enough to listen I have no doubt it’s a message from her. Here is one of those songs.  Listen to the words for yourself.  goosebumps…    You can read more about my experiences with signs here.

Cardinal sightings, messengers, feathers, coins, signs, numbers, hearts, butterflies, the list goes on.   When you’ve had one you know. The beautiful things about these moments; it doesn’t matter to you if others believe you or not.  You KNOW that you know that you know.  You feel them for a moment.

For a moment you know they are checking in, making sure you know they are okay, it’s all good.  Feel them sending love.

For years I’ve longed to create visual artwork that connected me to these events.  A painting that when you look at it you are reminded of those moments, of loved ones that have passed.  Of a connection to something bigger, grander and wiser than our understanding.  That you and I are loved.  Confirmation that our souls, our knowing, our energy continues on.

During my time of painting these pieces of artwork I’ve had some amazing moments.  The night after I announced this series, I sat in my bed that night and I don’t know how to describe what I saw other than to say I saw energy, maybe angels, spirits.  Imagine a cold room and then you set something super hot in there. That swirly, steam that you can see, that’d the best way i can describe it. Not hot or cold but visual swirling, flowing matter.  Then added in were swirling, bright lights. Almost like when you’re sitting at a campfire and the first spits out these tiny glowing dots around it.  I sat for a good 5 minutes mentally interacting with this.   Bruce was sitting next to me the whole time as I tried to explain what I was seeing. It was all around him, above him, as I interacted it came closer.   I felt nothing but peaceful curiosity, no fear, no darkness, only surrounded by love.

Two days later I was painting and I noticed something had gotten on my brush.  I gasped when I saw what it was.  Both amazed and not surprised at all. As I was painting the eleven eleven painting, the feather appeared on my brush.  Ahhhmazing.


Last week as I was wrapping up my last painting. In the bush next to me, watching along was this little visitor.



Introducing my newest artwork series:


NEW – Introducing my newest Sacred Hellos remembrance greeting cards –

There are those days that come up; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, perhaps a wedding, birth of a child or a deceased loved one’s birthday. These are days where it would be so nice to have a card to send to the family member or friend who is desperately aching for a parent or child that they miss. These cards are the perfect fit for those occasions.  Letting that person know you are holding them in love, for that specific day and all days. Letting them know you know and see them and their love, their pain. Acknowledging what they are going through without having to come up with the words yourself.

For the parent missing a child who has passed:


For the person missing a Mother –


For the person missing a Father –



Click on photos to enlarge.  Enjoy!  The listings below are for the original artwork. (not prints, unless specified).

Cardinal Messenger:


36″x36″ on canvas. Available here.



20″ wide by 16″ tall  – Original Sold. Prints Available here.



Cardinal Couple – original sold. Canvas prints available here.



Original Sold. Canvas prints available here.




Acrylic on repurposed door.   18″ x 12″ x 1.5″ 



36″ x 12″ x .75″ on canvas. SOLD

Feather One



Acrylic on canvas. 10″ x 8″ x .75″  Free shipping

Feather Two



Acrylic on canvas. 10″ x 8″ x .75″

Feather Three


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Acrylic on canvas. 10″ x 8″ x .75″

Feather Four

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Acrylic on canvas. 10″ x 8″ x .75″

written into a layer is, “I send you signs of love and support. I celebrate your joy.  Live fully, Love deeply.  Know that we’ll meet again. I am not far” ~Noelle




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Acrylic on canvas. 5″ x 7″ x .75″.

Sacred Visitor



Acrylic on re-purposed door. 18″ x 15″ x 1.5″.

You can read more about cardinal symbolism and read other peoples stories of cardinal visits from loved ones here.

Heavenly coins



Acrylic on canvas. 5″ x 7″ x .75″

Pennies, dimes, coins.  This coin painting was intentionally left vague, congruent with the mystery when coins appear.




Acrylic on canvas.  10″ x 8″ x 1.5″

Angelic Garden


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Acrylic on canvas. 36″ x 24″ x .75″

Can you see the cherub silhouette with her wings spread out among the orbs and lights of spirit?  Includes the flowers of poppies, lilies, hydrangeas, wisteria and more.  Flowers are popular signs from spirit to get our attention; both seeing flowers and also suddenly smelling a flower that has meaning to you.

Eleven Eleven


original is Sold.

Prints available. Click here.

Do you see 11:11 on the clock all the time? Layers over swirls of energy and glowing lights, this painting was inspired by my experience I shared above of my first visual encounter.  warm, loving, supportive energy.

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including the new Butterfly paintings: