Fall updates and new announcements!

It’s been a year full of all sorts of changes so I wanted to take a few minutes and share a few new stores I’m in, where you can find my work and what new work I’m offering.  Plus I have a SUPER big announcement that I haven’t told anyone about yet. You’ll find that all the way at the bottom.  yep, I’m (not so subtly) sneaky like that.

At the end of July I ended my year at the studio, it was a really great time. I made a tough decision to listen to the inner voice telling me that even though it was great and parts I loved, it wasn’t a perfect fit.  I found myself producing and selling a lot of work, racing between home and the studio and yet somehow not any further ahead. I am learning to really appreciate that as much as I fight it, it’s when I quiet down and make myself sit in that silence for a bit that my best and deepest (most daring) ideas come to me.  2 days after moving out of the studio my family went on a 2 week road trip through Utah and out to Oregon and up to Washington and back through Montana. We did about 1/2 camping and 1/2 hotels. It was really great. Not only is the nature and site seeing incredible I am always amazed at how much it feeds my soul to take time away and be an observer. I let myself relax more, reserve judgement and just take it all in. I don’t think I’ve been on a vacation yet that didn’t change me and help me know myself better. Now with both the kids at school and preschool each day and after the changes I feel like I’m finding my groove again and hitting my stride.

NEW artwork, stores and more:

My music artwork is hanging on display until the end of the month at the Egg & I East restaurant in St. Paul (off Univ. and 280).

In a few weeks you’ll be able to start finding my Soulful Yoga artwork at the Living Waters Cafe. 12201 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305


I have a few studios out east now carrying my Soulful Yoga series, you can also now find my prints, cards and some pallet artwork in Anoka, MN at the New Moon Metaphysical Store. They are great, and offer classes and more.

I have been expanding my small print selection.  These are small prints mounted into a 5″x7″ mat. They are ready to fit into a standard size frame that can be found at any store. People have been loving them to give as gifts and they are perfect to hang up around the office or a cubicle.  I have a few new selections on my Etsy page.


Here is my newest pallet art designs. These are so versatile, I hope you’ll love them: (you can click the image to see them on Etsy)

Shine_Believe_PalletDuo copy

Sports Art Special:

There are a few more days left to get in on the action and order an original Volleyball or Football painting! These are great and people have loved that you can add a name or # if you choose also.  Only $47 for an 8″x10″.  Great for a middle school or high school athlete. I’ve also had some that have been adding to their collection each quarter that I offer a new sport and are building a sports themed family room. Love that.  In November I’ll be offering a basketball and hockey special!

VballFootball_NoelleRollinsArt_SeptSpecial copy


Upcoming show dates:

This Saturday, the 28th – Ladies you are welcome to join me at the September Braveheart meeting.  It’s from 10am – 1pm. Msg me for details.

Sunday October 13, Temple of Aaron Sisterhood Arts and Crafts show.  I will have a booth here, it runs from 9am – 4pm.  at 616 S. Mississippi River Blvd

Saturday November 2nd & Sunday, Nov. 3rd. 4 Angels arts and crafts show.  – 27th and Stinson in NE Minneapolis    this runs from 10am-4pm both days. I did this show last year and it was awesome. Cool area, great vendors, outdoor. You can see all the info and vendors that will be in this show here.

Thursday, November 21st.  Stella’s on 97 Winter Craft show.   I did this show for the first time earlier this month and it was great. Tons of vendors and food and drinks. Plus it’s always fun to be back in Forest Lake.  If you’re in FL know that this is the show too that I’ll be bringing some of my remaining wine glasses with me to. I have a couple dozen left so I’ll have those there.    7050 Scandia Trail N  Forest Lake, MN 55025     4pm – 9pm.


Harmony Project:

Lastly, I am excited to announce that I’ve hit the $2500 mark on my fundraising for my Israel trip!!  I thank each of you who have so generously donated and purchased bracelets from me the last 8 months.    I’m both trying to celebrate the moment and feel the gratitude and also know that I still have $7000 still to raise.  I have to admit that it is not in my comfort zone to feel so publicly vulnerable and at such risk to not reach my goal all while everyone is watching.  I am trusting that things will continue to come together and I know that I am meant to be over in Jerusalem next May.  I see such a need for what we’ll be doing over there. In fact I love it that I’m beginning to be abt le to use some of these same skills and perspective I’m learning for over there and apply them right here in my own town and in fact even my own family.  This entire journey is so beautifully teaching me and making me a better person.  I would love to ask you to take a look at all the bracelets I have on my website. I have gotten another 80+ in since I’ve shared before.  The earth tone brown seems to be the most popular this fall, there are just a few of those left.  You can view them by either color or style on the website. I will also have bracelets with me at each of the shows listed above.  You can see them here.

DSCN3439   chrysanthemum_Multi9_13 BlossomsAndScrolls_Bracelets_9_13

I also have an online fundraising drive going for the next 27 days. I am at $33 raised out of a goal of $500 on here.  If you can even donate $11 I’d be SO grateful.  There are some new incentives and gifts for donations this time also.  Please check it out. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/noelle-rollins-harmony-israel-palestinian-trip-round-2

The NEW super exciting news:


  • Have you blurred part of your identity while giving everything to others?

  • Are you needing support in setting some new healthy boundaries?

  • Are you longing for a path to help guide you in reconnecting with your inner wisdom, purpose and authentic self?

  • Are you ready to move forward and start creating an inspired life?

  • Are you so busy doing everything for everybody that you don’t even remember what YOU find fun and enjoyable?

  • Do you long for new connections with other soulful women?


If any of those describe where you find yourself right now then you won’t want to miss what is coming in January 2014:


Starting in October I will begin sharing more information and details.


Until then, I hope you’re enjoying fall as much as I am! Sending hugs to each of you, Noelle




2013 New Class Schedule Announcement!

It’s here!   The class schedule for Jan – early April 2013. Join us at the Noelle Rollins Art Studio and Classroom just north of Minneapolis, MN for a  soulful, fun informative class.  Great excuse to gather the ladies together and get out and try something new.  You can register for these classes now by either clicking on a picture above or go to:  Soulful Art Classes    Hope to see you there! **Noelle


Sat. Jan. 5, 2013 10am – 12noon – Vision Board Class – As we begin this new year lets put our intentions and goals on paper. Learn how to create a vision board and tips for manifesting the life you want. We will scour through magazines (supplied) and use those images that resonate with who we are and where we want our lives to go. $10 per person.  Register Here


I am that I am Art Class info



Sat. Jan. 12, 2013 10am – 12 noon – Yoga Art – I am that I am – This class you will learn the techniques and brushtrokes used to create this artwork. We will also add the powerful message, “I am that I am”. Learn more about how I interpret this powerful message and how it can be life changing.$35 – 11”x14” or $45 – 16”x20” – includes supplies and canvas Register Here








Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 7-9pm – Wine and Coffee Art – You can choose your choice of 2 coffee themed canvas or 2 wine themed canvas. These vibrant and fun pieces will look great in your kitchen or dining room when you’re finished.

$30 include2 – 8”x10” canvas and supplies.   Register Here








Sat, Jan. 19, 2013 10am-12noon – Crossroads – We are between the calm and the chaos in our lives. This bold, fun artwork is full of reminders to hold our heads high as we work through changes and different times of life. You will learn techniques to create the background and can create it to match your décor or mood.

$35 – 11”x14” canvas or $45 – 16”x20” Register Here









Monday, Jan. 21, 2013 12-2pm – Mother and Daughter Crossroads – Schools out and this is an unbelievable bonding time for a mom and teen/tween daughter. We are between the calm and the chaos in our lives. This bold, fun artwork is full of reminders to hold our heads high as we work through changes and different times of life. You will learn techniques to create the background and can create it to match your décor or mood.

$50 – pr. of 11”x14” canvas or $60 – pr. of 16”x20”       Register Here







Wine Glass Painting Class




Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 7-9pm – Wine Glass or Beer Glass Painting – We will apply a frosted layer to our glasses and then apply metallic swirls and uplifting phrases and words of your choice.


Class options: 2 beer or 2 wine glasses is $22 or 4 beer or wine glasses is $26.   Register Here









Sat, Jan. 26, 2013 10-12noon – Cardinal Welcome Sign – We will paint a vibrant red cardinal on a branch with the background color of your choice. I will teach tips on painting the writing also.

$25 – includes supplies and 8”x10” canvas         Register Here










Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013 6-8pm – Connection – We will work on the techniques to create a fun. Flowing background and drawing this couple in a loving joined meeting. You will be able to customize the background to match your décor.

$45 for 16”x20 or $60 for 24”x30”.            Register Here






Feb. 1, 2013 7-9pm – Backwards Family Portrait – This will be great for your family wall or as a gift for another family or grandparents. We will collage or paint the family heads from behind of each member of the family. This will be so much fun! $25 include 6”x12” canvas and supplies      Photo Coming Soon – Register Here



Saturday, Feb 2 & 9, 2013 10am-12noon – 3D Floral art (2 sessions) – This class will teach you how to do layers of glazes, florals and touches of 3D flowers in the artwork. You will be able to use these skills on other pieces of artwork, walls and more.

$80 includes 2 sessions and all supplies to make this artwork.    Register Here











Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013 6-8pm – Wine Glass Painting – Grapes Wine Glasses – Set of 2 wine themed grape bunch glasses. We will walk through step by step to create these fun glasses. $22/ 2 glasses or $26/ 4 glasses     Register Here






Pencil Face Drawing Class



Sundays, Feb 10, 17 & 24th and March 3, 2013 5-7pm – Face Drawing (4 sessions) – We will walk through the face step by step and learn to draw with pencil. Week 1) Proportions, shading. Week 2) Eyes, Noses Week 3) Mouths, Chins and Week 4) ears and hair. You will need a drawing pencil kit that includes a range of 6H, HB and 6B pencils. (Check Michaels, Walmart or Dick Blick).   $80  –  You can Register Here







April 2013 3D floral class preview




Sunday, April 14 & 21, 2013 6-8pm – 3D Floral art (2 sessions) – This class will teach you how to do layers of glazes, florals and touches of 3D flowers in the artwork. You will be able to use these skills on other pieces of artwork, walls and more.

$80 includes 2 sessions and all supplies to make this artwork.            Register Here






What are people saying who have taken classes with us before?

I  loved your classes, both were such fun experiences.  It was such a fun activity to do for our MOMS night out too, everyone was able to put their own inspiration into their work and spend time in the company of great women!  I love your focus and themes that you have brought to your studio and your classes.  All ages and walks of life can find comfort and easy as they step into your studio and create.  You also have a way of making the not so creative souls find their own creativity too!!!  Thanks so much for the wonderful experiences, I know I will be back or more!      Darcy
Noelle’s new studio is fabulous and fun!  I went to a class last week and went home with my own painting – and I can’t paint!  But, indeed, Noelle had a special way of teaching through meditation, reflection, and new insights that she shared.  As a result, my messy start to art with dark, disjointed, and wildly placed paints turned into a beautiful fall day with brightly colored flowers and trees with leaves falling all around the bench I envisioned as Noelle talked us through the painting process.   I’ll be back for more classes soon!        Charity
I had such a great time taking your class a few weeks ago!  I haven’t painted in over ten years, so was pretty sure my painting would look like my 5 year old’s work.  But it turned out beautiful, and I was so inspired by the night!  The fun, the laughs, just letting my creativity take over… it was wonderful!  You were a fantastic teacher and it was so much fun to spend the evening in your studio.  Thank you!!        Bonnie
I attended two of Noelle’s painting classes and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!   Her spiritual take on life is a breath of fresh air.  She was positive and encouraging.   I’ve recommended her Soulful Discoveries class to friends. -Kathleen
Noelle’s “Crossroads” painting class was amazing!! I have never thought of myself as an artist but this class changed the way I look at myself!! This class provided 2+ hours of fun and friendship and opened up a whole new world of creativity for me!  – Brenda

You can register for these classes now by either clicking on a picture above or go to:  Soulful Art Classes