how to thank a future in-law for raising the love of your life

There is that sacred time while dating, then engaged when your whole future is open in front of you. Possibilities abound, love overflowing, everything a bit glowy.

For me it was planning out a future with the greatest man I’ve ever known.   During the planning on my own wedding, which if I admit was only 6 weeks I didn’t have the time or perspective to really be able to communicate the love and appreciate I had for my future mother and father in law.

Fast forward a couple years later and my sister was getting married.  As I watched her wedding planning unfold and we all got to prepare for her big day, I got to thinking of all the things I wish I would have been able to say to my now in-laws.

So I created a card for a bride to give to the groom’s parents.   A card to say thank you.  Thank you for raising the greatest man, for teaching him how to love.  In the time since the card has been purchased by brides all over North America.  You can find more about that original card and purchase it here.

GroomParents_Card_web  GroomParents_Inside_web copy

all cards – ©Noelle Rollins Art

From that card I started getting requests for a card from the bride to her own parents.  So I created that card also, everything I wish I would have been able to articulate to my own parents.  I am so incredibly grateful both my parents were able to be there for my wedding day.  Ironically my mother passed away unexpectedly as I was on my honeymoon.  We never know how life will unfold; but there are those few special days where we can pause life and everyone can soak in happiness and bask in pure delight.  Love in the air, dancing, sharing our love for those around us.  It’s sacred.  A time that we shouldn’t take lightely, a time to say what we can to everyone around us.   These cards have been written in a way that even if you’re parent’s are no longer together you can give a card to each.

BrideParentsCard_Etsy  BrideParentsCard_Inside_web


Fast forward and I started hearing from more brides who wished for similar cards that their future husband’s could give to his parents and his bride’s parents.  You can find the set that includes these two cards here.  Some groom’s are the type that will actively seek out cards like this, but let’s be honest; most bride’s have just went ahead and purchased them for their groom’s to give.

CardsCovers_FromGroom  CardInsides_FromGroom

Sometime’s it can be hard to verbalize the words we want to say to those who mean so much to us.  It can help to have things written down, words to be read and re-read through the years by parents whose children are now married and beginning lives of their own.  I can only imagine the appreciation I’d have for a new daughter-in-law who could so openly share her love for my son. Who would honor me and my husband, it would give me so much hope for them as a couple and peace that my son will be happy.

Cheers to all of you who are planning weddings, balancing getting things checked off your to-do lists with also living in the moment and savoring the anticipation for your big day!


New Artwork – sacred garden

Growing, wishing, blossoming.

Life, color and possibility.

Connection. honor. love.

Savor it all.

For the expectant mother, the midwife, the nurse.

The honoring of the sacred garden. The growing child. New life.


This image is available in cards, prints or posters.  Visit my etsy shop to see the options.

© Noelle Rollins Art

New Christmas Cards are in!

This year I was looking for a great way to be a little more green by using less paper but also really communicate a Christmas message that spoke to me.   My solution;  Christmas postcards.  They are flat Christmas postcards.   Picture on the front and message on the back.   They come with an envelope so you get the classy feel of a Christmas card but you’ll use almost 50% less paper!!  BONUS!

The card features a snowy, winters night. Trees, a lantern and under a tree, a boy laying in his red, warm pjs saying his Christmas prayers.

Due to a lot of things falling perfectly into place I’m able to offer an incredible price on these as well.   Stop on over to my Etsy page and check them out.   They come in sets of 10, perfect for all or part of your holiday card list.   Feel free to share with anyone you know that would love these cards.







Unique cards from the Bride & Groom

Planning a wedding… I loved it.  I’ve done it twice and cannot wait to help Skylar plan hers (many years from now).

As a Bride there was never a card that fit exactly what I wanted to say. So I created them.

Finally a card saying thank you to my future in-laws:

Order here.


And a card for my own parents:

Order here.


And the same idea but from the groom:

For the groom’s parents:

For the bride’s parents:


Earlier this week I also introduced Thank you cards for the wedding party. these are unisex cards so they will work for bridesmaids or groomsmen.

You can also order in groups of five cards.


Love them all?  You can order as a set. Just click the photo.


Weddings bring out the best in us. Use that time to be real, authentic and say what you are feeling.  Finding a good man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with is magical and beautiful. Celebrate it and give thanks to all of those around you that helps make you both who you are.