Finding Myself in the Moonlight – learn more this week on True to you radio

Attention women around the world. Are you feeling disconnected, exhausted and not even sure how to begin to re-find your inner joy again?

Join me as I discuss my Finding myself in the Moonlight online course starting in January 2015.

Share with your sister, mother or girlfriends that are looking to feel truly inspired again.

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It will play this week on Monday at 6:30 pm central time, Tuesday 12/31 at 7:30am and 10:15pm.   You can check the schedule to see the rest of the play dates.


Also, did you know that you can listen to all my past radio shows?  There are 20 of them now.  Once on the true to you page then click the archives tab. Find Creating an Inspired Life.  Then once you click it will give you the choice of all my past shows for you to choose from.



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Wishing you an incredible New Year!!   Please pass along this link to any women in your life that you know is looking for some help making some changes.  There is no shame in it, we’ve all been there or will be there.  Sisters coming together to share knowledge, love and stories… it’s going to be amazing!




healthy boundaries = healthy relationships

I’ve been through some muck in my life, I’ve lived through times where I let people dictate how I spent my time, I spent all my energy trying to save, help and be there for others. Often with little appreciation or notice. After watching it in others it was a mirror that showed me how bad it was. I decided to take control and research everything I could on how to set healthy boundaries.

I learned some skills and a new mindset for how and when to say no or even, “that doesn’t work for me”.


I love to use my life experiences as teachable and helpful lessons for others so hopefully they don’t have to go through what I did.

I invite you to be a guest and listen in on a Free class I’ll be offering. You can dial in on your computer to listen or call in. Everyone who registers for the free call will be sent a recording of it, regardless if you were able to listen to the call live or not.

I will be talking about ways we can all surround ourselves with people that support us in our goals, say no when needed and help eliminate toxic relationships.

It’s a win – win.


You can sign up here: