New Christmas Cards are in!

This year I was looking for a great way to be a little more green by using less paper but also really communicate a Christmas message that spoke to me.   My solution;  Christmas postcards.  They are flat Christmas postcards.   Picture on the front and message on the back.   They come with an envelope so you get the classy feel of a Christmas card but you’ll use almost 50% less paper!!  BONUS!

The card features a snowy, winters night. Trees, a lantern and under a tree, a boy laying in his red, warm pjs saying his Christmas prayers.

Due to a lot of things falling perfectly into place I’m able to offer an incredible price on these as well.   Stop on over to my Etsy page and check them out.   They come in sets of 10, perfect for all or part of your holiday card list.   Feel free to share with anyone you know that would love these cards.







The story behind the art – Take these broken wings

Take these broken wings art by Noelle Rollins

Title: Take these broken wings

I love the song blackbird by the beatles.  I used to listed to this song a lot years ago. I just heard it yesterday on the radio again and I was reminded of my love for it.  Some of the lyrics I love best are:  “All your life.  You were only waiting for this moment to arise.”

I love to imagine as I’m going through these journeys towards my dreams and there are times I stumble or need help. Times I feel like I’m failing or ready to give up. I imagine these lyrics.  It’s okay that I’m not “there” yet, my life has been a journey and I was only waiting for this perfect moment to get the shit done.  I’m not behind.. I’m exactly where I need to be.    Love it.

You can find the lyrics here if you’re interested:

Artwork links: original,  matted print   or  Postcard print