Finding Myself in the Moonlight – learn more this week on True to you radio

Attention women around the world. Are you feeling disconnected, exhausted and not even sure how to begin to re-find your inner joy again?

Join me as I discuss my Finding myself in the Moonlight online course starting in January 2015.

Share with your sister, mother or girlfriends that are looking to feel truly inspired again.

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It will play this week on Monday at 6:30 pm central time, Tuesday 12/31 at 7:30am and 10:15pm.   You can check the schedule to see the rest of the play dates.


Also, did you know that you can listen to all my past radio shows?  There are 20 of them now.  Once on the true to you page then click the archives tab. Find Creating an Inspired Life.  Then once you click it will give you the choice of all my past shows for you to choose from.



You an also click here to read more and watch a video:



Wishing you an incredible New Year!!   Please pass along this link to any women in your life that you know is looking for some help making some changes.  There is no shame in it, we’ve all been there or will be there.  Sisters coming together to share knowledge, love and stories… it’s going to be amazing!




Announcing the Creating an Inspired life Radio Show!!

I have longed for a way to connect with people, especially women who are looking for ways to live a more inspired, authentic and creative life.  


Announcing the:

Creating an Inspired Life with Noelle Rollins radio show!!




Starting today, Monday July 28th  My radio show, Creating an Inspired Life, is in the lineup on the new online station:  True2YouRadio.

My first show is today at 11am Central.  It’s replaying a few times a day though so I’d love if you listen in.  It’s my first show of my own so I’m finding my way and working out the kinks  but I invite you to join me as I continue on with this weekly show.

I’ll be covering topics that are true to my heart such as:

  • tips to be authentic day to day, why it’s not a one time decision but instead a thousand small decision each day.
  • exploring the minimalism movement
  • grief; exploring the emotions of losing someone or having someone close to us sick
  • setting boundaries
  • bringing inspiration into our daily lives
  • how to find what lights you up
  • finding ourselves again after big changes


When I was approached about doing this show, it’s funny.  I’d had a list of topics and potential guests already listed on a page in my notebook.  I didn’t know what the list was for when I made it, but now I do.   (love how the universe works)

When you go to the station you can just click the play button at the bottom of the page, in between shows there are meditations and calming music.  There are a wide range of shows on the station, I’d love for you to start listening to mine and then stick around to see if there are others that you resonate with as well.   I feel incredibly blessed to get this opportunity and just today got to see the list of people who also have shows and I’m blown away to be included in the lineup with them.  eeeekk.

You can also click to download the podcast and listen when it works for you!

oh, and last fun part….   I got my dad to play my intro and outro music. 🙂   So special to me.

Here is the link one more time:


A course for women EVERYWHERE

The Finding Myself in the Moonlight online course is BACK!!


We’ve had an amazing first run of this course earlier this year.  After it begun I had many people who told me they didn’t realize the course was all done online.  So let me be clear, this is a course that can be done from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.

This is a course that every woman should take. It’s all about living a life that is true to you!


I’ve been getting AMAZING feedback about the course, read what women have said:


“I’m relearning some important things about myself that got pushed aside when everyone/everything else became a priority.” 


“I am realizing how unrealistically high I set expectations for myself and how miserably I beat myself up over them when I fail to meet them. I would never dream of expecting the things I place on myself from others.” – Amy


“I know I will never put myself back in that space of loneliness and low self worth again or let anyone talk to or treat me like that again. I am done with all of that. “ Angela


A sample of what this course will provide:


Learn more Here:

Move Me Forward Sale

Move Me Forward Sale

Help me as I continue to refine my vision and journey for my business.  Sometimes we have to go through a journey only to come full circle and get back to what seems like the starting point again with a refined sense of self, knowledge, and confidence.  That’s how I think of my journey the past year.  I’ve been able to put into practice many ideas I’ve had in my mind for years and see what fits and what doesn’t resonate with me and my purpose.  As my online business, and other artwork opportunities continue to grow I’ve decided to give them my full attention. I’ve outgrown the need to have my studio so I will be having a huge sale to let go of the furniture and artwork pieces that do not align with where I’m headed.

MoveMeForwardSale copy


How it works: I am selling my pallet table and shelves. Selling all remaining glassware & hammhers. I have a couple dozen artwork pcs that are not part of the series’ that I will be moving forward with; I will be offering a chance for you to make an offer on these pieces.

Check out my craiglist posting to see some of the furniture I have for sale:

I also have my awesome huge pallet table for sale.  This is for $350.  (This table will come apart into 2 halves for moving.) Listing here:


Big online sale on Wed. July 10th!  You will be able to buy original paintings at a ridiculously amazing price on that day.  I will share more about this as the day grows closer.

I will be in my studio Friday June 28th and Monday July 1st from 10am-4pm  if you are in the local Minneapolis area and want to stop in and get first dibs on all the great sale items!  Seriously, you’re gonna wanna share the goodness and bring a friends with. Lots of great items for crazy prices.  I have 50-100 wine glasses/tea glasses and great candle holders. All hand painted and dishwasher safe. Some that no one has seen yet. I will be offering these for a great price. I’ll also be selling out the remaining hammhers for only $5 each. I have lots of hand painted wood signs these will be $5-10 each also. I have small mounted prints that will be $5 each also.  (Mpls and St. Paul skyline glasses will not be clearanced)

I want to be clear though, the Soulful Yoga series will remain at regular prices as will all matted prints and pallet prints. I will continue to sell these both online, for pickup and in stores and studios.

This is not any sort of going out of business sale, I am still planning on doing artwork. In fact I’ll be perfectly honest. I really try to live my life on purpose and very in tune with my intuition and step up when I feel called to do so. I’m feeling so many deep callings to do some big things with my artwork and with some online courses about going through times of change and coming out better then you were when you started. About living inspired and authentically. I want to focus fully on those areas, my Soulful Yoga artwork, my Music, Wine and Soul Artwork and wholesale lines.   The evening I had made the decision to embrace moving past the studio I prayed for a sign that I am heading in the right direction. The next morning I awoke to an email from a yoga studio out on the east coast wanting to order a wholesale package. They purchased a package that morning. That is a sign I will accept. Message Received.

If you are interested in anything you see on the craigslist ad act fast.  As I was typing up this page 3 shelves and 2 artwork pieces sold, I want to make sure those who want them get a chance.

So cheers to moving forward!  I thank you for all your support.  *Noelle

Thank you, Noelle Rollins

543 Coon Rapids Blvd. Suite 2

Minneapolis, MN 55433