Intentional artwork – hidden meaning and love – 7 horses – New Artwork

I am in awe sometimes of the moments in life I get to be a part of.

This new painting was so special to me. It’s a larger piece, 6ft wide and 3 feet tall. It features 7 clydesdales and is full of meaning.



I’ve created a video to show the the story and the hidden messages I’ve hidden within the artwork, click the link to see the painting unfold in this short video.

This artwork was coordinated by Robin at Front Door Coaching, she soulfully teams together interior design, coaching and bodywork and had the insight to bring me in to do this artwork. It was a group effort that I am so incredibly proud to be a part of.  It’s a kind of artwork called, Intentional Artwork.  Where there is meaning layered throughout the piece.  It’s a perfect type of artwork for people looking to capture a deeper meaning after loss, life changes or encouragement moving forward.

When you watch the video I’d be so grateful if you’d take a second and send love to the family this was made for.



5 feathers – new artwork video

5 Feathers

This painting is so special to me.  I took a painting that was created out of joy, admiration and inspiration that had since had negative things attached to it.  An artist who let me take photographs of her and do a painting then later threatened to sue me for selling the artwork.  Lots of nonsense and negativity.  Everything opposite of what I stand for in my artwork and business.  When the exchange first occured I allowed myself to cry for a few minutes.  This person was trying to assure me not to take it personally…      could there be a more personal business than spending hundreds of hours pouring my soul onto canvas. Feeling vulnerable in my views, my work.   She then told me that she’d be happy to possible sell the work and we could split the money, blah blah blah..    I assured her that the work no longer held the same meaning for me.  That I could 100% guarantee that I would have no interest in EVER selling that work, in fact I’d be painting over it.  Then I hid all the email exchanged, said a prayer and promised myself I’d move on and use this as a growing experience.  (get releases in writing)

So that leads me to a few months back.  I joyously spray painted over part of the canvas and sat quietly and felt what it should transform into.  I knew it was supposed to be a dream catcher.   Symbolizing weeding out the negative.  Focusing and celebrating the good in people and life.  Celebrating our dreams.

I recorded the painting on on a time-lapse video.   It’s been sitting on my computer for over 9 months.

That leads me to today.  I woke up today and knew that today was the day.  It’s time to share 5 feathers with the world.   I lovingly share this video and I am so thrilled to have the background music be a recording done decades ago of my parents singing together.  (So special to me).

So I dedicate this painting to everyone who, in the face of negativity, has instead chosen good.  Chosen happiness, chosen to go for their dreams.

Behind each of the feathers I wrote a message.  They are:

– Leave the world a better place

– Abundance of love

– Connection.   Believe.

– Peaceful thoughtful life

– Serve

Those are some of the believes and goals I live my life by.   What would your 5 feathers say?

You can find the time-lapse video of me painting here on youtube:


You can also find this original on my etsy site here (but don’t miss out on the video!):


5th day of Christmas – Poinsettias and peaceful prayers

This original artwork is titled, “Poinsettias and peaceful prayers” – It’s part of my Soulful Yoga Holiday collection.


You get your choice of the original 8″ x 10″ artwork on canvas. Wired on back, ready to hang. (1 available) Original price is $95 – Sale price of only $40

Or an 8″x10″ print matted in a white 11″ 14″ mat. Signed by artist. Comes ready to frame or give as gift. – (2 available). Original price – $24.00 Sale price only $12.00

This piece features a prayerful pose, surrounded by swirls and bold red poinsettias. Extra swirls around the heart area.

You can find more info or order here.


New artwork – Cardinal in Winter

Introducing my newest painting:


Cardinal in Winter


You can click the image above or here to read more about this painting.


4 day Flash Sale









Great chance to get original artwork for your home or cabin!  This artwork also makes a perfect gift.  The 11″x14″ size is under $70 and has free shipping.  Perfect to bring along as a gift for that family who is letting you stay at their cabin this labor day weekend.

Sized all the way up to 48″ across.  You can click the image or go here to see all your artwork and print options.




Fastpitch and Soccer Art Special

Time sensitive Sports Artwork Special!

As the sun is shining and I think about my daughter’s first fastpitch tournament of the season this coming weekend I get excited.  I love the sport, the smell of the grass, getting to hang out and watch her dedicate herself to learning and growing in the sport. I also love an excuse to sit outside and let the world around us stop for a bit as we cheer her on.

I love to paint things that inspired people to live authentic and inspired lives. For years that included numerous pieces of music scenes, mind body and spirit connection work and now recently again I’m inspired to connect with the love of sports I and so many others have.

It’s an exciting feeling to have an original piece of artwork that has been specially created just for you. It goes on the wall and there is pride there knowing you connect with it. It gives the world a glimpse into what you are about.  I want to give you a chance to get an original artwork piece for yourself or someone you care about.

Earlier this year I offered the baseball and football special. (These are still available at the regular prices.) It was such a success that I’ve decided to add a few more sports every couple months.

For May it is the bold neon yellow fastpitch softball and the black and white soccer ball in the grass.



From today through Monday, May 20th you can order your choice of original artwork at in incredible price.  I will be painting all of the artwork ordered the following week so since I’m able to do them all at once this will save me lots of time on setup, prep, etc. So I am happily able to pass on those savings onto you!

This artwork is perfect for:

game room, bedroom, niece or nephew, coach, office, graduation gift or just because.

All work is painted with acrylic paints on fully wrapped canvas.  All edges are painted black and hardware is attached to back so they are ready to hang.

(You can frame if you choose but it’s not necessary).


8″ x 10″ Fastpitch or Soccer  = $45 

11″ x 14″ Fastpitch or Soccer = $60  

16″ x20″ Fastpitch or Soccer = $75

24″ x 30″ Fastpitch or Soccer = $100

Shipping charges range from $10-$22.  If you prefer to pickup the artwork during the first week of June at my Studio then please use the code Local Pickup to have the shipping charges removed.


If you are one of the first 5 to order I will also add in FREE personalization.  This means I will add a last name or team name and or number on the artwork.  If you are interested in adding this please make sure to mention in the notes. I will also then confirm with you to verify I received the request.



Artwork orders received by May 20th will be finished and shipped by June 1st! If it is a gift let me know and I will make sure to gift wrap it for you.  Don’t miss your chance to get this unbelievably great price for ORIGINAL artwork that fits your life!


On the surface

On the surface you think you get IT.  But girl, dig deeper.

“IT” isn’t just it.  

IT is the connection to the tide that IS your soul’s purpose.

Integrate what your soul knows it’s here to do into everything you touch, speak of and love.

Each word, thought and smile is another drop of energy and depth into the tide.

As the energy builds, enjoy it as you are swept up and carried by the tide you’ve built of courage, purpose and love that makes the ocean of your destiny.

~ Noelle

original artwork: “Escape” – 24″x24″ on masonite with wood backing frame. Ready to hang.  Click image for more details.