Move Me Forward Sale

Move Me Forward Sale

Help me as I continue to refine my vision and journey for my business.  Sometimes we have to go through a journey only to come full circle and get back to what seems like the starting point again with a refined sense of self, knowledge, and confidence.  That’s how I think of my journey the past year.  I’ve been able to put into practice many ideas I’ve had in my mind for years and see what fits and what doesn’t resonate with me and my purpose.  As my online business, and other artwork opportunities continue to grow I’ve decided to give them my full attention. I’ve outgrown the need to have my studio so I will be having a huge sale to let go of the furniture and artwork pieces that do not align with where I’m headed.

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How it works: I am selling my pallet table and shelves. Selling all remaining glassware & hammhers. I have a couple dozen artwork pcs that are not part of the series’ that I will be moving forward with; I will be offering a chance for you to make an offer on these pieces.

Check out my craiglist posting to see some of the furniture I have for sale:

I also have my awesome huge pallet table for sale.  This is for $350.  (This table will come apart into 2 halves for moving.) Listing here:


Big online sale on Wed. July 10th!  You will be able to buy original paintings at a ridiculously amazing price on that day.  I will share more about this as the day grows closer.

I will be in my studio Friday June 28th and Monday July 1st from 10am-4pm  if you are in the local Minneapolis area and want to stop in and get first dibs on all the great sale items!  Seriously, you’re gonna wanna share the goodness and bring a friends with. Lots of great items for crazy prices.  I have 50-100 wine glasses/tea glasses and great candle holders. All hand painted and dishwasher safe. Some that no one has seen yet. I will be offering these for a great price. I’ll also be selling out the remaining hammhers for only $5 each. I have lots of hand painted wood signs these will be $5-10 each also. I have small mounted prints that will be $5 each also.  (Mpls and St. Paul skyline glasses will not be clearanced)

I want to be clear though, the Soulful Yoga series will remain at regular prices as will all matted prints and pallet prints. I will continue to sell these both online, for pickup and in stores and studios.

This is not any sort of going out of business sale, I am still planning on doing artwork. In fact I’ll be perfectly honest. I really try to live my life on purpose and very in tune with my intuition and step up when I feel called to do so. I’m feeling so many deep callings to do some big things with my artwork and with some online courses about going through times of change and coming out better then you were when you started. About living inspired and authentically. I want to focus fully on those areas, my Soulful Yoga artwork, my Music, Wine and Soul Artwork and wholesale lines.   The evening I had made the decision to embrace moving past the studio I prayed for a sign that I am heading in the right direction. The next morning I awoke to an email from a yoga studio out on the east coast wanting to order a wholesale package. They purchased a package that morning. That is a sign I will accept. Message Received.

If you are interested in anything you see on the craigslist ad act fast.  As I was typing up this page 3 shelves and 2 artwork pieces sold, I want to make sure those who want them get a chance.

So cheers to moving forward!  I thank you for all your support.  *Noelle

Thank you, Noelle Rollins

543 Coon Rapids Blvd. Suite 2

Minneapolis, MN 55433


Studio Spring Open House recap

It’s hard to imagine that it was warm and sunny just a couple days ago, it’s snowing today and for the next couple days here in Minnesota. It’s pretty unheard of really. I feel incredibly grateful that we’re going to cozy up tomorrow and stay warm at home.

At the studio open house this past weekend there was speakers and I had Briana from taking photos.  I’m so excited to share them with you here:

the art of business – preparation

A few things I’ve learned in my first 2 months since expanding my business:

1)I have dove head first into my real life dream of being in the middle of absolute non-stop busy with an endless to-do list. And I have a pride in myself for making it happen that I will hopefully someday be able to articulate.

2)After years of voluntarily putting my art secondary to my family, other jobs, fear, working for my dad, helping family cope w/ my mom’s death, being the babysitter… it’s my time now.   Once you look fear in the eye and decide you’re going for it anyways… it loses it’s hold and you look back and realize how much harder it was to play small.

3) Stick to the things your best at – find people to hire, barter with or volunteer to help you with the things that drain your energy.

4) I am an artist… yet creating art is only 5-10% of my job.

5) network, network, network.  Find your tribe of people that truly get you.  Find and work with people of integrity.

6) People want to see you succeed.  But once you start having success most of those closest to you don’t want to hear about it.  When people ask how my studio is going it tends to bring out 2 very distinct reactions.  Happiness and excitement from those who are also pursuing their dreams or annoyance and surprise that things are going good from those who know they have more in them but don’t have the energy at the moment to deal with it.

7) Find your sources of information that resonate well with you and don’t just listen or read what everyone else tells you is the best resources for inspiration in your field. Some of those exact type of sites once I really listened to my body I realized just pissed me off and annoyed me. I know I’m “supposed to” really like them and admire them but I’m not feeling it.

8) I can no longer keep using food and caribou coffees to celebrate.  I used to treat myself to a caribou coffee cooler every time I had a mural or fun project I had to go somewhere to work on.  That’s a habit that I must break now that it’s 3-4 days/week. 10 extra pounds in 2 months…grrr.

9) lastly, find a mentor. Find a person or multiple people that are doing or have done things that you are wanting to achieve.  Plus once you are around people that are successful it doesn’t seem so far fetched to be running a successful business yourself.

10) Use what you listen to as learning time. I have found the best blog talk radio shows that I listen to every day at the office. and Artists helping artists w/ Leslie Saeta.  Love them.