New barnwood trays made from salvaged St. Croix Valley barnwood

Looking for something a little extra special?  Perfect for entertaining and also to use to keep things off the countertops.  I’ve created these trays using salvaged barnwood from right here in the St. Croix River Valley.  Features foot barnwood stips on the bottom, each is sealed and has 2 handles the the handles being counter sunk on the bottom so they are inset and not sticking out.


You can find the trays here:

These trays provide a way to enjoy the simplistic feeling of stepping back in time, relaxing and having a moment. Feel special each time you use this tray and put your goodies on it.




Thrifty Thursday – pallet side table

RichandCreativeThrifty_Header copy

Fun side table – from pallets

My hubby is lucky enough to get these great fee pallets every once and awhile from work, we love making fun projects from them.  I was using two tv trays in front of a window to hold our plants, it was time to make something more permanent.  We found some table legs that had been in our garage for years, we never knew what to do with them.  I drew up some plans and had my hubbs help me make this.



Bruce assembling the top and bracing onto the legs.

Aspen helping out too:



All finished!  Here it is before I paint it:



I love the painting part, lots of water mixed with paint to “age” the wood.  Then fun pops of reds, teals, greens, browns, whites.  Partially just colors I enjoy and partially to match our decor.   The legs were a blackish/green when we pulled them out of the wood pile. Originally I planned on painting the whole table white but once it was together I loved the contrast.  I instead added some touches of color to the legs, a bit of copper, browns, and reds. I love the final result:

pallet_table_Final copy

This setup means so much to me.  The legs came from my dad years ago.  Aspen helped me paint the flower pots.  The plants are from my ex-father-in-laws funeral. The metal cage used to be my moms along with the lamp on the bottom shelf.  Skylar painted the frame on the bottom left and it has her picture in it.  The silhoette on the bottom is of my mom, the painting behind it is one by Aspen.  And the cardinals on the top shelf were a gift from me to Bruce, they are two cardinals snuggled up together.   Whew, a table build by me and my love and full of meaningful things from people around me present and past.  Love love love.


Thrifty Thursdays – Covered bench makeover


RichandCreativeThrifty_Header copy


I absolutely love to find solid wood furniture that just needs a little pick me up.  This looked great in the room it was in but my daughter wanted it for her Paris, hip themed room. So some black paint and funky zebra fabric and viola! Beautiful and new feeling.  Enjoy!

For this one we unscrewed the top from the base. Painted the base with primer then black paint.  Using heavy duty staples I stapled the new fabric to the underside of the top.  Picturing the top as a clock, staple at 12 o’clock, then 6, then 3, then 9.  Then fill in the spaces between. Making sure to pull taught and even.  Screw back on the base and your set.



What are your favorite furniture makeovers? I’d love to hear.





I can feel the growth…

Lately I’ve felt excited, loved, creative and knowing something big is happening.  How is it then that at the same time as I feel a bit vulnerable, frusterated, maybe even scared?  2 sides of the same coin I’m finding. Instead of resisting this anxiety, frusterated feeling I get sometimes I’m learning to embrace it; I’ve learned it means I’m about to to get a great idea or something good is about to happen.

This holiday season blissfully made my head spin a bit. I am finally getting a minute to take a deep breath now, it’s a good thing.  In November I deliberately didn’t schedule classes or projects for December. I thought it’ll be nice to take it easy a bit, and hopefully I’d get some Christmas and Holiday orders.  Well I did, life has been fabulously busy and full.   Life as an artist is never boring. In January I’ll post some of the fun projects I worked on, I don’t want to ruin the surprise in case someone who shouldn’t sees them.  I know that people connect with me and my work more because I am very honest, open about things and vulnerable.  But you know what? it’s much easier watching others be vulnerable sometimes.  Sometimes after pouring myself into a painting or project I’ll put it out there and people will connect and leave me feedback.  I love that. I love to know when someone buys a piece where they put it, who it’s for, how they like it. Is it the same as they expected…  Other times I put it out there and share my work or ideas and …. (insert cricket chirps here) … nothing…     It comes with the territory, I get it… but blah… I don’t like that part.

So will that stop me from continuing to put myself out there?  Apparantly not cuz I’m about to again…    I just finished my C.C. White painting yesterday.  I plan on photographing it this week and I’ll post soon. This painting is big, it’s 4 feet x 4 feet.  She’s gloriously radiating loving energy into my studio right now as she sits on the easel. I can’t wait to share.


On another note, I had Bruce draw a name this morning for the winner of the Pallet Art Print.  The winner of a Pallet Art Print is…… Tara Duffy!!!!!  Congrats to here.   Thank you to each and every one of you who entered, shared and comments.    Here is a copy of the links I had in my last posting if you didn’t win but would still like the chance to buy something from the drawing in the future:

Day 1 – Wine Prints – You can find my wine prints and artwork here.

Day 2 – Ornaments – wide variety available here in my studio.  Some themes on hand: new baby girl, new baby boy, girl, woman, wine, guitar, music, couple, family

Day 3 – Yoga print – You can find the exact print here or browse through the etsy site to find all the other poses.

Day 4 – Music Postcard prints – Here

Day 5 – Horse racing 8×10 print. Here

Day 6 – Hand Painted hammher –  You can find the hammhers I have listed on Etsy here   otherwise I have lots more in my studio that are not listed. Set up a time to stop by.

Day 7 – Greeting Cards – again, I have some listed on Etsy here.  I have more that I haven’t had time to list yet in my shop.  Set up a time to stop by or just ask if there is an occasion your looking for a card for.

Day 8 – Coasters – You can find the set of 6 here.

Day 9 – Yoga prints – all yoga prints, cards, pallet artwork, jewelry, posters are here.

Day 10 – Original Crossroads artwork – I’ve got a couple options for you, you can take a class and learn to make your own crossroads artwork.  Or by a print here.

Day 11 – Minnesota Wine Glass Set here.  Or Minnesota Beer Glass Set here.  (You can always request a different state or city)

Day 12 – Today – I have music themed pallets here.  Or the soulful yoga, crossroads and more here.

Have a great day!!! **Noelle