20 years and just getting started

Rewind 20 years ago, I was in 8th grade. My outfit of choice for school was plaid boxer shorts and a sweatshirt I bought myself. Braces, new contacts and bangs.  … good times.

That year also I was asked to do a logo for the new travelling volleyball league.  I got paid 50 bucks and I couldn’t have been happier.  I’ll never forget the experience of seeing kids in school wearing clothing with that logo on it. I had such a sense of pride.

More importantly though, it made it seem possible that I could turn my love of art into something that made money and could be a career.  Around that time I illustrated my first children’s book. It never got published (to my knowledge) but the experience was priceless.  I took every opportunity I could get to draw or paint.   Who knows which direction I would have gone without that experience.

To celebrate this big anniversary I’m having a HUGE print sale.  On both my Etsy sites:

Noelle Rollins Art on Etsy here or

Music wine and Soul art on Etsy here.

Purchase an 8″ x 10″ print (they are all matted into 11″ x 14″ mat) and get a matching print matted into a 5″x 7″ mat to give to a friend.  All on sale for $20!!!  (regular price for those together is $31) plus s&h.

SALE!!! Through Friday October 21st!