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First Week of Art Classes!!!

So I’ve completed my first group of art classes this past weekend. I finished that 3rd class and afterwards as I was cleaning up I was overtaken with appreciation and gratitude.  I feel so incredibly blessed that my hard work all these years and putting myself out there and trusting my intuition that kept shouting…

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Signs of recovery

The habitat house across the street has people outside landscaping this week.  The house had been abandoned for a few years after a kid inherited it from him grandpa and then turned it into a party house. It was later condemned and habitat came in this last year and has built the cutest little house.…

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The story behind the art – Hold on Girl!

Title: Hold on girl – girl on bike As my daughter prepares to begin middle school tomorrow, I think back to when my sweet girl was only 4 or 5.  She went through a phase I can only describe as Mary Poppins meets Sound of Music meets bag lady.  She’d layer her outfits, one day…

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