Today I had a perfect people day. I feel so blessed to be able to think through EVERY person I had any form of contact today with and know that every one of them are “my” people.  You can have it too, here’s how.

Let me rewind; At the beginning of the year I did a whole lot of business soul searching.  In one of the courses I took (the amazingly fabulous ) we had to do multiple exercised to determine who we wanted to do business with. We listed our ideal customers, vendors, employees, etc.

In case you’re wondering – some of the qualities of my ideal customer: kind, soulful, value my work, they travel, love life, value people, treat other’s with respect and dignity.

People I don’t want to attract as customers – dishonest, condescending, negative, wasteful, naysayers, don’t respect my time, don’t value my work. 

Those are a few examples.  When I opened my studio in August I very specifically didn’t put ads in the local paper or do mass advertising.  I don’t want to attract everyone, I only want to attract people around me who get what I do.  So every decision I make in my business I ask that question, is this going to help me work with people I want to be around or people I dread.  Because I have been clear about this 95% of the time I get to spend my days working with the most amazing customers, business owners and vendors.

So here’s what to do,

  • write down who you want to surround yourself with in this life.
  • Make choices that will bring you into their world and them into yours.
  • Put your intentions out into the universe.
  • Be your best, authentic, honest self.
  • when you are choosing your job, daycare provider or even your hair stylist.  Trust your gut. Pay attention to how you feel after being around them.
  • Blog, market, hire with these people in mind.  Not everyone will get you, not everyone is your ideal person to be around. That is okay.
  • If you slowly start to weed out those that make you feel down, less than, cheap, uneasy it will make room for those who make you feel good.


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