clearing out the excess so you can hear what isn’t being said but should

learn to filter out the noise

What if it’s not how much, but instead how applicable? What if the hurdles of past generations no longer apply to us?  It used to be the challenge was to get what was needed, find the correct information, learning opportunities, news of going ons…  not anymore. Now it seems to be overwhelm.


Bombarded from all directions, at all times with agendas other than my own.  There are times I let my guard down and slowly my time, my mind, my concerns fill up with clutter that doesn’t align with where my heart knows my path needs to go.

Eliminating the clutter is the opposite of selfishness, it’s a gift of oneself to what you are here to do.  Filtering out the endless streams of social media, phone calls, emails, ads, time commitments can free you to hear the more subtle and more important callings of your own heart.  When we are fulfilled we can offer more to the things that genuinely matter to us, causes that speak to our heart, the people closest to us who feel the brunt of our overcommitments often…

Instead of only hearing what is being yelled loudest at us… after we clear out the excess “noise” we can hear what isn’t being said but should, or where the needs are still unspoken.

learn to filter out the noise