4 weeks away from social media –

my woods after a snowfall

I’m nearing 4 weeks off of social media – scroll below for a couple journal entries from these past weeks:

my woods after a snowfall

-January 13th, 2020 –


I’m almost at the 2 week mark away from social media. Truthfully it’s taking a whole lotta discipline to get on this computer and write down my feelings, observations and thoughts. I’ve felt a bit like on vacation. My oldest started her spring semester back at college today so the house is quieter and back to normal feeling again. It was so great having her home for a month over the holidays. Aspen had school today too, I have found myself working on random projects and tasks. Taxes, booking our fall vacation and research for that, payment for college, medical stuff, etc.  Not really everyday type of things, but things that need to get done. It’s nice to have this time during January where my business slows down a bit and I can get caught up again on real life things.

Art –

I’m still shipping orders and figuring out my 2019 sales, doing end of year assessing to know what designs and things to focus on and restock for 2020.  I’m having a little bit of trouble focusing on sitting at my desk. That is rare for me. I stick pretty tightly normally to a daily and weekly to-do list in order to be able to homeschool, run a business, and our household.  I’m on week 2 of a cold, that isn’t helping. Having a new puppy we are still finding our rhythm. He’s a great dog but regardless he’s a puppy. Taking time to work with him and be consistent is an ongoing thing throughout each day.

Writing those all down I can see what I feel like things are a bit scrambled. Almost all of my daily routines are being replaced. It’s all being done with intention though towards my goals and the life I want so that is acting as a guiding force.  A calmer, simplified, healthier 2020.

Social media –

I do feel out of the loop. I thought my sisters or husband would have told me at least something someone has posted by now. My daughter called me yesterday to give me a fun update on a friend’s son getting to go to Australia. That’s the extent of my knowledge of what people are up to.  This has also been freeing for me. I know I’m going to reach a tipping point where I go from being essentially sick of people to craving personal interaction again. Maybe even texting or emailing with friends and family to keep up. Not out of obligation but out of joy.

Soulful noticings  –

I took time today to go into nature and really sit in it. It was such a great feeling to embrace the beauty around me. I would have been my mom’s 68th birthday on Sunday.  I took some time to write and edit my book today and connect with my mom out in the bunkhouse. It was a beautiful experience.

writing my books

January 27th, 2020 –


Friends, life is feeling lighter.  Bruce and I lit a fire out in the bunkhouse and sat out there for a few hours and talked, made out our yearly goals list and projects list, making sure we’re both on the same page.  This is the year we’re building a greenhouse and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m finding myself craving simple life. Growing some fruits, flowers, vegetables.

I stopped in to visit a friend last week, it was nice to show up in person to honor a big day for them. In the past I would have settled for a facebook message and been fine with that. I really enjoyed being able to stop in face to face and drop off a pampering gift for her.

Work –

I didn’t get on my computer yesterday at all. I spent part of Sunday drawing a portrait of my niece that will be given to her in March for her birthday. It felt really good to write a bit more for my book.  I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the layout of the book. Originally I had pictured lots of artwork in it as well. Now I’m debating between a smaller book at a giftable price point without a lot of color versus a really beautiful book with full page artwork behind a few of the stories.  This brings the price of the final book up by quite a bit so I’m hesitant yet I also do believe artwork along with the writing will provide a really soulful experience for the reader.  Have any opinions? Please share. I’ll be making my decision shortly.  After almost 10 years I had to buy a new laptop this week. I’ve spent a few days changing over all the information and getting it set up with all my software and favorite sites.  It feels good to have a working up arrow again. 🙂

Social media:

I’m feeling a a freedom I haven’t felt in years. Still a vacation sort of feeling a bit. A feeling of not being accountable to anyone. Last night I did have a friend call to give me some news she found out on Facebook. It was the first major thing that anyone has told me that they found on on social media since I’ve been off of there.

Soulful noticings  –

I’m on day 21 of giving up sugary foods. I told myself that I’d give up sugary snacks, pastries, etc until after our Europe vacation this fall. (more on the vacay plans later) Mostly I can tell when I have too much sugar, I get majorly addicted and crave it continuously. It’s been a major accomplishment to say that I’m beginning week 4 tomorrow.  I started walking each day as well until I got another round of a cold/cough. This week I let myself lay on the couch more than I probably have in the past 4 years added together. It was a beautiful and much needed gift to myself.  We went on another gentle hike this week. These are the woods behind our house. It was so stunning with the snow clinging to the trees.  I took Aspen and the puppy on this walk as well.


boy and dog in woods


The 30th marks 11 years since my mom passed away, that mixed with a conversation I had with a friend about her husband who passed a year ago reminded me of something really important I want to talk about that happened during the deepest part of grief. I’ll share that in a few days.


Thanks for following along!  In the coming weeks I’m going to work on posting more videos again on youtube as well so stay tuned.