Hello, I'm Noelle

Let me tell you about my artwork, stories and view of the world:

I am an artist.  And a master dreamer.

I see the world from a soft, loving and soulful place.

I’ve devoted most of my life to capturing the beauty of life through my art and stories.

When you work with me, you can expect to be reminded that you are powerful beyond comprehension.

You’ll probably be surprised & delighted by my ability to paint left handed without leaving smears, my obsessive love of spreadsheets and ability to recall every scene of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice movie.

My work matters because it allows us a glimpse at our most soulful selves.

I am here to remind you that you are most powerful when you remember to listen to your inner knowing, trusting yourself.

I am  a student of meditation, a woman of prayer and a colorful dreamer who creates artwork and programs to remind other’s of their powerful selves.


My question for you is:

Are you living an inspired and authentic life?

Do you feel connected to others and the world?

Do you make choices based on love or fear?

When I create, I create from a soulful place.  People often tell me they can feel that energy from my artwork.   I love to paint things that inspire me and connect me to a deeper part of myself.    I paint and work from my St. Croix River Valley home studio. I'm inspired by the views over the river of the Minnesota hills.

I love to live simply. Live with integrity.  Live with few things; but the things I have speak to me and mean something to me.  They communicate my view of the world, my hopes, and make me feel good.




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