Art Business – lessons for starting or running a small business videos

art business lessons

In the 25+ years I’ve run my small art business I’ve learned some things, made some observations, and also faced some really tough times. From my experiences I’ve created a series of videos to help others who are artists, creatives, or small business owners. I’ll include a few of my recent videos here so you can scroll down and see what resonates with you.  Also, do you know a new artist, or person who is starting a small business? Feel free to share this page with them. There are 20+ videos on the Art business playlist on my youtube channel.


You can also use this link to learn more about making money selling prints of your artwork.


You can also use this link to learn how to make money with your art – while learning.


You can also use this link to learn more about pricing your craft, artwork, or pricing confidence in general.


You can also use this link to view the video all about how to be a full time artist. Mindset, confidence, details.


And lastly – for those in any business – this is a BIG ONE!!!!   Being in debt can create so much stress. I know, I’ve been there. Paying off my debt changed the way I can live my life and run my business. It’s an ENORMOUS thing that isn’t talked about enough.


You can also use this link learn more about how to get out of debt so you can use that money to run your business, achieve a goal, or have more security to take a deep breath and relieve stress.


Thanks so much for being here, sharing my videos, watching. Would you stop over and leave a like or comment on the videos?  It will help youtube’s algorithms to show them to more people.  I’m really hoping to reach 1000 subscribers on my youtube so I can begin to monetize it so I can make better videos and help elevate all areas of my art business.