Big Harmony Bracelet announcement

Great news!
I was crunching the numbers this weekend and I’m able to offer a special on the Diamond, Pinwheel and Floral Garden style bracelets!  I have received about 3x more of these styles than any other style, so even though they’ve been my best sellers I still have a lot of them left.  I have all three of these styles listed for only $20 each!
Here is the scoop.  I have just over 2 months left to raise my last $4000 for my trip.  I have a large garage sale planned for spring (if you have a box or two of goodies you planned on donating and instead would like to send them my way please let me know, I’d be so grateful!) and am hoping to bring in $1000 from that and a few other small fundraisers planned as well in addition to the Harmony bracelets.
It’s about more than a bracelet.  When all bracelets are sold there will be 333 women walking around Minnesota and the country who have purchased from me and are all wearing these bracelets to represent what we can do when we join together and put our money towards good things in the world. We can all make a difference. This bracelet is a small step in declaring that.
I hope that every time you look at your bracelet you feel connected to all the other women who are declaring that they too are cheering on love and compassion, peace and unity over all else.
There are also a few red and pink bracelets left that are included in this sale that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  (What a great gift.)
I will be wearing my bracelet on Valentines Day and I hope you will wear yours too. 
Post a pic to FB of you wearing your bracelet that day and tage me in it. Let’s help spread the word that together we are all making a difference! 
I am SO grateful for each and every one of you!  Thank you for supporting me. I will be leaving in only 4 months!
Make sure to let me know if you have any questions.