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Join Noelle Rollins Art while we create an inspired life through art. A focus on being authentic, creative and bringing inspiration into each day. I am moving more towards a minimalistic & simplified life filled with art and things that really speak to me. I love to travel, do home projects, homeschool and create.

Fall 2023 BIG News and announcments

By Noelle | Sep 19, 2023

This summer I made some big decisions. I have been having a nudging for awhile now that it was time for changes and over the next several months there will be a few.  I’ll lay them out below so you can follow along with the ones that interest you. 1. I am going back to…

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savoring puglia, dashboard

Registration Now Open – Savoring Puglia – Italy May 2024 Trip for women

By Noelle | Sep 14, 2023

I have teamed up with The Runaway Italian to offer a one of a kind Italian experience for women. Here are the official details: Savoring Puglia – A Journey of the Senses IN UNDISCOVERED SALENTO, PUGLIA, THE HEEL OF ITALY Sunday, May 19 – Saturday, 25th, 2024     Embark on a transformative odyssey to…

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savoring puglia, dashboard

Join me in Italy! – Announcing the 2024 Italian Experience

By Noelle | Aug 9, 2023

I am so excited to announce the 2024 Italian Experience.  You can join me in May 2024! Savoring Puglia – A journey of the senses Experience a sensory awakening through a range of captivating activities. Discover the region’s essence with an olive oil grove tour, unleash creativity in ceramics, savor Puglian cuisine in a cooking…

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grandpa and grandson artwork

The perfect art gift to give – for the noticers

By Noelle | Aug 2, 2023

Art can take a seemingly simple, one second moment and add an importance to it. A remembering. Forever this sweet boy will have this image to look back on, knowing that in this moment… he was Grandpa’s whole world. ♥ It’s up to us to be the seers, the ones to witness and bring importance…

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rabbit remembrance art

New rabbit memorial portrait

By Noelle | Jul 21, 2023

Follow along and watch me paint and draw this sweet bunny rabbit.  This portrait was commissioned by a mom as a gift for her daughter, who lost her beloved pet rabbit. The rabbit had been a part of their family for over a decade.     I have new openings for pet portraits, (and people…

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reinventing you event image

Reinventing YOU! – 1 day in person retreat

By Noelle | May 22, 2023

After experiencing loss, years or even decades later there are still pieces I am putting back together, noticing, reinventing.  Grief often doesn’t look like “grief” it looks like lack of confidence, lack of motivation, loss of interest in things we once loved… I know this all first hand and that is why I am SO…

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horse stalls with hay in feeder

Story of the family workshop – from horse stalls to a finished space

By Noelle | Apr 13, 2023

When we purchased this property in 2015, the area that is now our workshop was full of horse stalls. Hay, wooden slat stalls, and lots of spider webs filled the space. We had a vision. A space where we could work on wood projects, painting, creating, and have family time of inventing and building too.…

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Get your FREE copy of the Sacred Hellos – Messages From Heaven eBook

By Noelle | Mar 31, 2023

Want to get a FREE copy of my ebook, Sacred Hellos – Messages from Heaven? I am offering it for free! It’s my new opt-in for my newsletter, so it’ll help us keep in touch outside of social media and this blog, AND you’ll get the fully illustrated pdf version of the book!   **This…

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dream revival experience Italian way

the VITAL ingredient to making your dream come true

By Noelle | Mar 16, 2023

Join us, Nicla and Noelle as we discuss how we made our own dreams happen, how to see a dream through over years. How to nurture a dream that isn’t ready yet and not lose faith in it. You’ll love this inspiring talk that will leave you feeling hopeful and knowing you can make your…

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