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Join Noelle Rollins Art while we create an inspired life through art. A focus on being authentic, creative and bringing inspiration into each day. I am moving more towards a minimalistic & simplified life filled with art and things that really speak to me. I love to travel, do home projects, homeschool and create.

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week 1 off facebook and instagram

Social Media year off – week 1 update

By Noelle | Jan 7, 2020

Here are my notes from this past week as I moved towards giving up social media for 2020 and also what it’s been like during the first week off. Countdown to January 1st, 2020.  Prepping. It’s 10:40 pm on New Years Eve. I’ve got When Harry Met Sally on. I’ve convinced Aspen to watch a…

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girl smelling rose with pink hair

Why I’m giving up social media for 2020

By Noelle | Dec 30, 2019

Hello friends,  the countdown is on until the social media switch is flipped off. Why would anyone plan on giving up social media?  I wanted to share the reasons why I will be giving up social media for 1 year. Some are ones you can probably guess, others may surprise you. 10 reasons why I’m…

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coffee mug at grave

What I’ve learned about surviving the holidays after losing a parent

By Noelle | Nov 21, 2019

I had another article published this past week, add it to the list of topics I wish I knew nothing about: surviving the holidays after losing a parent. It’s been almost 11 years and yet I’m feeling a bit like a 41 year old orphan during the holidays still. Even with a husband, kids, siblings,…

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Eagle pose wall art to support brow chakra

Third eye chakra – intuition, breath, art

By Noelle | Oct 11, 2019

The third eye chakra (also known as the Brow Chakra) This I admit is the most intriguing chakra for me.  Ever since I was little and I saw people from India with the red dot between their eyes it made me curious.  I now know that these Bindis are worn by women of many religions in…

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Behind the scenes of how we homeschool

By Noelle | Aug 23, 2019

I get asked about homeschooling often. We are starting our 4th year of homeschooling our youngest.  (Our oldest graduated public high school this past spring and is now in college). Aspen is technically starting 3rd grade this year.  For those of you who’ve wondered or are thinking of ever homeschooling… Here is how I’ve figured…

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make money as an artist headline photo

10 ways to make money as an artist or creative

By Noelle | Aug 20, 2019

  Last week I shared all about how to jump from your 9-5 into your creative business. You can read all about there here.   Today I’m sharing 10 money making ideas specifically for artists and creatives. I believe the world is a better place when we get to share out gifts with the world…

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white lights across store

So you want to go for your dreams, but how… really?

By Noelle | Aug 14, 2019

Tonight I was asked the question, “How did you get the courage to drop the things(like a draining 9-5), and pursue your passion? How did you know you wouldnt fail? Mostly….how do you stay motivated when/if the future seems unclear??”   My answer is creative specific but I think it can help others as well. Feel…

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photo compared to drawing

Mr. Rogers portrait done in colored pencils

By Noelle | Aug 4, 2019

I poured my heart into this new portrait of Mr. Rogers, this one took me around 12-14 hours.  The portrait is a little larger than my other colored pencil portraits (around 11″x14″).  I love being able to capture more detail in these larger sizes than I can in the smaller 5″x7″ size. I made this…

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finished portrait of alex morgan

female artist draws soccer star Alex Morgan in celebration of powerful women

By Noelle | Jul 7, 2019

I was watching the US women’s soccer team play in the quarterfinals then again in semifinals and I just knew that I needed to draw at least one of them. So here you are, my drawing of #13. Alex Morgan. Join me in celebrating the US women’s soccer team as the play in the world…

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