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Join Noelle Rollins Art while we create an inspired life through art. A focus on being authentic, creative and bringing inspiration into each day. I am moving more towards a minimalistic & simplified life filled with art and things that really speak to me. I love to travel, do home projects, homeschool and create.

lovely little touches

By Noelle | Aug 13, 2012

Whether it’s a wedding or a class or a dinner at your home; I think it’s the little touches that show your guests the love.  I’ve been busy in my studio setting up all the big things and now I’m working on all the little ways I can show love to anyone who enters the…

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The journey.. the scary, amazing journey…

By Noelle | Jul 24, 2012

I’m at the beginning of this journey of trying to accomplish my professional dreams.  Yet it’s more than just my profession, it’s more like the yearning of my heart.  And I’m not sure if I’m at the beginning.. I’m sorta 15 years into it, yet I feel in some ways like I’m just beginning.  You…

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Last but not least – The Crown Chakra!

By Noelle | Jul 17, 2012

The Crown Chakra – this chakra is located on the top of your head. Sometimes that answers we are looking for in the world can be answered by simply tuning inward instead of looking outward.  The crown chakra is associated with self-knowledge, a connection with a higher being and a feeling of connectedness.   One of…

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I give you permission to say, “NO”

By Noelle | Jul 11, 2012

I give you permission to say no. I grew up with a superhero a superhero momma. She gave us haircuts or perms more than once the night before school pictures when we begged. Sewed our Halloween costumes, patched our clothing, even hand sewed on hundreds of beads onto my prom dress for me and made…

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Third Eye (brow) Chakra – lets get in touch with our intuition

By Noelle | Jul 10, 2012

The third eye chakra (also known as the Brow Chakra) This I admit is the most intriguing chakra for me.  Ever since I was little and I saw people from India with the red dot between their eyes it made me curious.  I now know that these Bindis are worn by women of many religions in…

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Outside of the “real world”

By Noelle | Jul 3, 2012

There can be an aching so deep and so widespread that creeps up so quietly you don’t even notice it’s there.  It may be your own aching or it may be the pain of another… I remember myself lying next to my mom in her bed on Halloween night a few years ago. I’m holding…

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The solar plexus chakra –

By Noelle | Jun 27, 2012

The Solar Plexus Chakra One feels then thinks the one must do.  This chakra is all your energy, power and action. It is located below the breast bone behind the stomach. My interpretation of this all is that when I feel that feeling in my gut telling me that something is or isn’t right that…

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When DIY’ing everything is just dumb

By Noelle | Jun 22, 2012

So yes folks, I’ve had another breakthrough.  I’m writing this in particular about my business but it totally applies to my personal life as well.  Why do I thnk I need to do it all? Surely I’m not the only one who tries to do this. I buy the supplies, paint the artwork, scan the…

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The Root Chakra – artwork for grounding ourselves

By Noelle | Jun 19, 2012

Let’s ground ourselves.  No not the punishment but lets connect with the earth, feel secure and bring ourselves back from spacing out.  This pose is called the mountain pose.  You can view the artwork for it here: When I focus on this chakra is encourages me to come to terms with my Attitude toward money,…

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