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Join Noelle Rollins Art while we create an inspired life through art. A focus on being authentic, creative and bringing inspiration into each day. I am moving more towards a minimalistic & simplified life filled with art and things that really speak to me. I love to travel, do home projects, homeschool and create.

Signs of recovery

By Noelle | Sep 21, 2012

The habitat house across the street has people outside landscaping this week.  The house had been abandoned for a few years after a kid inherited it from him grandpa and then turned it into a party house. It was later condemned and habitat came in this last year and has built the cutest little house.…

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The story behind the art – Hold on Girl!

By Noelle | Sep 3, 2012

Title: Hold on girl – girl on bike As my daughter prepares to begin middle school tomorrow, I think back to when my sweet girl was only 4 or 5.  She went through a phase I can only describe as Mary Poppins meets Sound of Music meets bag lady.  She’d layer her outfits, one day…

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The new studio!!

By Noelle | Aug 30, 2012

sometimes you know it’s time.  Time to take the thousands of hours of tools, tips and techniques I’ve been stockpiling away for someday.  Time to go big or go home. Time to look fear, doubt and uncertainty right in the eye and say, “You don’t scare me anymore!”.  I’m ready to make shit happen.  Big,…

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good used finds… results in totally “Me” decor

By Noelle | Aug 29, 2012

After a month of looking for the right chairs for the classroom area I gave up and just decided the universe would bring me the right ones. Well… driving home a week and a half ago from northern Minnesota to pick our daughter up from camp we were driving through this small town of Crosby.…

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they mean well… but don’t listen to them…

By Noelle | Aug 27, 2012

– “why don’t you just buy the cheap plastic tables for your studio… you can get them super cheap” Me, “no, I don’t want plastic tables, I really like the pallets, I know it’s a lot of work but I don’t mind hard work and they really fit my style” – “wow, $50 is a…

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The story behind the art – Take these broken wings

By Noelle | Aug 23, 2012

Title: Take these broken wings I love the song blackbird by the beatles.  I used to listed to this song a lot years ago. I just heard it yesterday on the radio again and I was reminded of my love for it.  Some of the lyrics I love best are:  “All your life.  You were…

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Story behind the art – crossroads

By Noelle | Aug 16, 2012

Today I want to start a new weekly feature called, “The story behind the art” Title: “Crossroads” I created this artwork about 8 years ago. I was going through a divorce, I was back in Minnesota in a place of refinding myself. I knew what I didn’t want to be and I knew where  I…

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what is all this about Mercury retrograde?

By Noelle | Aug 14, 2012

I have been hearing all about this mercury retrograde thing and then about 10 days ago I was having a really tough weekend where I found myself just crying for no real reason. I was feeling like I was working so hard and yet making no progress, feeling like the weight of the world was…

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lovely little touches

By Noelle | Aug 13, 2012

Whether it’s a wedding or a class or a dinner at your home; I think it’s the little touches that show your guests the love.  I’ve been busy in my studio setting up all the big things and now I’m working on all the little ways I can show love to anyone who enters the…

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