bringing ornaments into Mother’s Day and funerals

ornament hanging from vase

Last fall while having a coffee date with one of my oldest friends she told me that she has the ornaments she bought from me hanging in her kitchen. Then another customer sent me a photo of her ornament hanging from the top knob on a canister.  hmmm, it got me thinking.  Why can’t these ornaments be used year round?

That set into motion an experiment to prove that energy flows to where we put our attention.  Last week I updated many of the photos for my ornament to include some hanging on other things.  Then last week I took the little tiny shepard hooks I ordered from etsy and put these in potted plants and vases with greens to hold ornaments.  As I was setting up my camera to start photographing these, two Mother’s Day ornament orders came in during that 1 hour session.   It’s been an ornament selling ghost town for at least a month around here… then at the exact time I put my energy into photographing “mother’s day” inspiration photos, the orders came in.   That my friends is freaking energy at work.  Not forced, just naturally flowing, feel good, attracted energy.  Love. It.

So let me share some of the latest photos with you.  These would be so great to add to an arrangement or potted plant to honor a momma who has passed.  They’d also work great for funeral arrangements too.  You can find the ornaments here for only $10 during the month of April.


These ideas also work great for the ornaments you already own. Keep the ornaments you love out year round, simply use an ornament stand, or a mini shepards hook, or even tie around a small popsicle stick and insert the stick into a plant.  I love the top right image also, it’s taken on a mini altar feeling. A plant, ornament and candle, all working together to create a sacred corner or remembrance.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for ornaments to be used year round.  Feel free to check out the ornaments over here if you have someone close to you that could use an extra dose of thoughtfulness this Mother’s Day.  Father’s day ornaments will be marked down for a bit after Mother’s day passes so keep an eye out if that is more your thing.

Hope you had a blessed Easter weekend. Wishing you a great upcoming week!

noelle rollins art