can a door knob change the feel of a room?

Nothing is safe from paint in the home of a creative soul.

I’ve had so much fun the last couple years as we’ve made over our kitchen.  We’ve strived to have a rustic, European feel to the kitchen.  There has been one spot though that has had me stumped… until today.

So this is the feeling of our kitchen now after we’ve updated it. You can read all about the makeover here..

diy kitchen makeover


On the other side of our kitchen you can see we have a pantry door.  (here is what our kitchen looked like when we bought our house).  So now that the rest of the kitchen is bolder in color and full of character this white pantry door with a steel handle has left me searching for ideas.

farmhouse kitchen


I thought about getting an antique knob, or taking the knobs off all together and spray painting with a copper or metallic finish that fit in with the look of our kitchen better.

But I knew there was an opportunity to add some character here and get to try something new.  Finally I decided I would try to paint the silver steel door knob to match the wooden knobs on our cabinets.

rustic knobs


So here is the knob before:

steel door knob

And here is the after!

painted door knob


Here is the view zoomed out:


I have a few more knobs on my list to be painting too.   You can watch a video of me painting the knob here.


So the fun part of this painting project is that you can customize this idea to work in your own home. It could be a fun and bright design, a floral image, plaid, solid, you name it.  Have fun with it.   Just remember to prime with a metal primer and seal afterwards.  I’m still researching what I’ll use to seal this but I’ll update this post once I do.

Let me know what you think.  Would you ever paint a knob in your home?   I look forward to sharing more in the future on this subject.



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