There is a time in our lives when we decide that we are ready to shine, ready to step out of the shadows we've been wandering through.  To re-find our light and our purpose, to get excited about life and our place in it. I'm here to help you re-find your light, your focus and help you get closer to your dreams.  ~Noelle

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Book release date: Nov. 11th, 2020 (11.11)

I'm in the final stages of writing this book that has been a magical 11 years in the making. I'm not a medium, psychic, or grief professional. I'm a soulful person who from my own experiences after losing my mom unexpectedly 11 years ago, I got signs and dove into understanding them, the lessons after grief and the journey to a full, whole hearted me again. I share stories from others and the signs they've received along with stories to read and gather hope during each stage of grief.

grief and signs from spirit book

Soulful classes and books for life and living our best lives:

Figure out your finances so you can stay home with the kids or start your business

So often it's only a difference of a few hundred bucks a month that keeps people tied to a job instead of being able to start a business, stay at home with the kids, or plan to retire.

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Steps to get clear about who you really are

It's hard to be truly happy when we are busy living the life others want for us. This class will help you break down how to discover the real you.


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Learn to paint and create artwork to honor the signs we get from loved ones who have passed on:

Learn to paint the signs

This class will show how to draw a red cardinal, a female cardinal, and coin artwork.  You'll follow along with easy videos and instructions.

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Classes for Artists and Mompreneurs:

Learn how to start making money as an artist

25 years I've been selling my artwork, from Graphic design, to paintings, products and more.  Let me help teach you ways to turn your artwork into money.  Whether you are just beginning or are an experienced artist but would love some new information we'll lay it all out in this course.

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