There is a time in our lives when we decide that we are ready to shine, ready to step out of the shadows we've been wandering through.  To re-find our light and our purpose, to get excited about life and our place in it. I'm here to help you re-find your light, your focus and help you get closer to your dreams.  ~Noelle

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Sacred Hellos was released 11.11.20 and is now available worldwide

In Sacred Hellos, Noelle eloquently moves us through her decade of mourning with each stage of grief woven throughout her journey. She shares personal stories of signs, her feelings of deep sadness and anger following the death of her mother, as well as the pure, raw emotions of holding space for loved ones during their transitions.

Noelle’s honest, heartfelt stories and powerful artwork serve as a connection to those we have loved and help us to find our own something that is bigger than ourselves. Noelle offers tips on grieving, steps to discover signs, and lessons of hope, acceptance,   and resilience; revealing to us how she integrated these with her religious and spiritual beliefs.

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Path Forward Membership Group

It can happen even to the strongest of us, we are living our life, and something unexpected like a death, divorce, or loss happens that stops us in our tracks. There is a time, after the deep grieving when we feel a fire swell up inside of us and we know we are ready to begin again. The Path Forward offers a combination of intellectual and emotional tools for women, teamed with inspiration. Together we’ll use the tools from this online membership to take the pieces of our former life and deliberately decide which pieces we will carry forward, which we will let go of, and what areas we invite new dreams to unfold.  Membership is renewed annually, allowing time for changes and calmer patterns to develop.


Are you looking to:

  • Gift yourself time to examine, get clear on goals, and consciously create a revised plan for your life?
  • Use creativity, soul work, and project management style planning to put things back together in a way that supports your deepest joys, purpose, and dreams?
  • Have a sacred space where you can be both strong and vulnerable; without judgment if your grief is not enough or too much?
  • Get support in dealing with others’ expectations and learn to rebuild relationships in a healthier way?
  • Focus on being true to your deepest self and learning to honor and celebrate your uniqueness?
  • Learn to eliminate the drama and mind clutter, instead creating more calm?


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