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Dare to Dream is an online eCourse for those looking to rediscover dreams forgotten, dreams pushed aside, and new dreams ready to be discovered.


It can happen even to the strongest of us; we are living our life, and something unexpected like a death, divorce, or big life change happens that stops us in our tracks. There is a time, after the deep grieving when we feel a fire swell up inside of us and we know we are ready to begin again.

This renewed hope and energy tells us we are ready to take all the pieces of our former life and decide which will stick with us moving forward, which will no longer get to rob us of joy, and what areas we want to invite new dreams to join in.


This is where I can step in. I'm Noelle, and I'm so glad you're here.

I am a master dreamer, a creative of 25 years, and a lover of spreadsheets, planning, and making things happen. I will use this unique set of skills along with my experience with loss, grief, and times of transition to help you get clear about what your goals are in this new chapter of your life. We will transform grief and tough times into fuel for rebuilding a peaceful and powerful life.


The Dare to Dream course is for you if:

  • you are ready for support and another perspective of what is possible.
  • you want to stop putting "someday" off and start to get clear about your dreams now.
  • you are looking for someone outside of your circle of family and friends that won't treat you only like a wounded bird, or place expectations, personal needs, or agendas upon you.
  • you're in search of ideas, inspiration, and hope.
  • you need a place where you can be fully honest about all you're dreaming of.
  • you want to feel alive again and have something to look forward to.
  • you're looking for a way out of feeling stuck in a world that is full of uncertainty and naysaying.


Dare to Dream will provide:

Goal Clarity

Gain clarity about your dreams and goals. Listen to your own heart, and use the space this course creates to take time and tune in. We'll work to honor yourself and your goals without dishonoring those you love or those you've lost.

Deep understanding of your fears and how to overcome them

Gain clarity about fears that may be stopping you from pursuing your goal. We'll help you define them and understand why you have them. Then you'll learn to re-frame fears by looking at them from other perspectives and use new information to help you confidently move past them. 

Dream deep dive

Learn how to honor your dreams without dishonoring others or the memory of others. Learn to recognize your own desires from those being placed upon you or expected of you. Build confidence that your dreams are valid, possible, and how to whole heartedly align with them.

Am I a life coach? No, but there are incredible things that can happen when you work with someone who has learned this process from life. Learn from a master dreamer, an optimist, and a creative thinker who has put life back together and re-defined her dreams more than once. The first time I had to do this process was after a divorce in my 20's. The second time was after the unexpected death of my mother in my 30's. Add in a miscarriage, multiple moves across the country, and life in general ... and you can benefit from my life studying loss, rebuilding, and goal setting.

I was the teenager that fell asleep listening to bootlegged cassette tapes of Anthony Robbins seminars, and reading about self-help and also far-off places ever since. I've always had a goal to live life intentionally and use creativity to bring in new solutions and ideas to handle whatever came my way.

After writing my book, Sacred Hellos - messages from Heaven in 2020, I heard from so many women about their experiences with grief and also the time after the deep grief when they made big changes, found new goals, and often rediscovered lost goals they had buried for decades. These are possible for you too.

Friends, the time is now. This will be your chance to jump in with both feet and bathe yourself in support and inspiration, honoring your past and the truest parts of yourself.

  • There is something magical that happens during a course like this. When you sign up, you are energetically putting it out to the universe that your dreams matter. You're showing your kids and friends that their dreams also matter when you make it a priority to take care of your own. The time during the course also provides you with carved-out sessions to do this deep thinking and dreaming now. No more waiting for "someday".
  • Unsure if your dreams are possible? Join the course and find support, new ideas to help you, and take advantage of the contagious energy of others also aligning with their dreams.
  • Even if you're full of self-doubt, or thinking that others can make their dreams happen but not you...   Let me assure you that your dreams matter and we'll help you align your dreams with what is truly possible while honoring your story and future.

7 lessons to proved you with inspiration, ideas, and tools for you to gain clarity and remove all doubts, worries, and things holding you back.

  • 7 videos - each is coordinated to a lesson, + a welcome video
  • Online Private Facebook Group - this sacred group will provide a community with other women who are also looking to reconnect with their dreams.
  • Group Zoom Call - Q & A and encouragement check-in
  • 1 full year of access to the course so you can use this process for any dreams you discover.



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What Dare to Dream is not:

This is NOT a grief group. I have the deepest appreciation for the depths of grief, especially fresh grief. I am not a grief counselor and while I can hold great empathy for you while you’re in this time of grief, I’ve deliberately chosen to have Dare to Dream focus on that steps after that time of deep mourning. I intend to hold space for possibilities and your dreams on the other side of grief.


Who is this group NOT for:

• If you are not able to take responsibility for your choices and commit to growth, maybe this isn’t the right time for you. We are all in different stages of becoming, no one has arrived, however, if you’re a blamer or someone looking to always pass along the responsibility then this course will not be a good fit for you.
• All of my courses will be welcoming and safe for people of all backgrounds, faiths, races, gender preferences, walks of life, and income levels. If you are not able to treat others the way you’d like to be treated then this will not be the space for you.
• Those expecting an easy fix. I do not believe that life should be hard and endlessly laborious. However, it takes commitment and a willingness to find our deepest purpose and dreams and build a life that reflects it.
• Gossiper or pot-stirrers. I have a zero-tolerance for any of this type of behavior. I hold the best intention for this sacred space for us all to feel safe to grow, learn, and reflect. I will protect that for you as well and ask you to come with that same level of honoring for all in our space.

Testimonials for working with Noelle

Noelle is one of the most talented artists/people I know. I have several pieces from her. The depth of her kind heart and deep soul can be felt in every piece.   ~Michele

I’ve known Noelle for over 20 years now & I can honestly say that I have enjoyed watching her become the Strong & Inspiring Woman she is today❤️🙏🏻❤️   ~Vanessa

Testimonials for working Noelle

I first came across Noelle Rollins after being given a beautiful and meaningful gift of her art after the loss of my father. I have since given many of her gifts to others and have been in awe at how spot on the gifts were (unbeknownst to me). It has taken me a while to write this review because I was not sure how to put into words how meaningful this book has been to me after the heartbreaking loss of my mother. It is written from the heart and you can feel the grace with which it was written. We all must travel our own difficult journey when we lose our loved ones, but we are not alone. I felt a real sense of wonder reading this book and always left feeling my faith and my beliefs renewed, refreshed and strengthened. It gave me strength and comfort. ~ CG

Grief is such a complex process. Everything in this book, the writing, the stories offered me permission to continue with my own grief. It offered permission and acceptance to know that my very own feelings were/are much like someone else. I found myself agreeing over and over and couldn't wait to read what others were experiencing. I loved the realness and relatable story telling.  ~ Gwen

30-day refund policy.  If you join this group and complete the first 4 lessons and find that this course is not a good fit for you, then you can message me for a refund. I will ask you to submit your first 4 assignments to me before your refund will be processed. I do this to honor the commitment you made to yourself when you signed up. I want to help you work through any initial fear or discomfort that may come from getting quiet and digging deep to discover your dreams.

Let me tell you about my artwork, stories, and view of the world:

I am an artist.  And a master dreamer.

I see the world from a soft, loving, and soulful place.

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life capturing the beauty of life through my art and writing.

When you work with me, you can expect to be reminded that you are powerful beyond comprehension.

You’ll probably be surprised & delighted by my ability to paint left-handed without leaving smears, my obsessive love of spreadsheets, and my ability to recall every scene of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice movie.

My work matters because it allows us a glimpse at our most soulful selves.

My work changed directions after my mom passed away unexpectedly when I was 31. I now work extensively with remembrance artwork, art to celebrate the signs from spirit, and portraits honoring those we love both passed on and still with us.

I am a student of meditation, a woman of prayer, and a colorful dreamer who creates artwork and programs to remind others of their powerful selves.

My husband and I are currently converting an old peacock coop into a guest bunkhouse on our property along with other projects at our Little House on the Hill here in a small, quaint, artsy river town outside of the Twin Cities.

Still in deep Grief?

In Sacred Hellos, Noelle eloquently moves us through her decade of mourning. Each stage of grief is woven throughout her journey. She shares personal stories of signs, her feelings of deep sadness and anger following the death of her mother, as well as the pure, raw emotions of holding space for loved ones during their transitions. Noelle’s honest, heartfelt stories and powerful artwork serve as a connection to those we have loved and helped us to find our own something that is bigger than ourselves. Noelle offers tips on grieving, steps to discover signs, and lessons of hope, acceptance, and resilience; revealing to us how she integrated these with her religious and spiritual beliefs. This book includes stories submitted by others and their experiences with signs from their loved ones.

Sacred Hellos is the book I wish I had a decade ago.” ~Noelle

Find Sacred Hellos - Messages from Heaven here.

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