Dream Revival Experience – The Italian Way

I have teamed up with The Runaway Italian to offer a dream revival experience. Full of fun, play, a chance to exhale fully, and just be.

Here are the official details:





Immerse yourself in inspiring scenery and local culture to restore your energy, vitality, creativity.

Revive and rediscover those long-held dreams with a ‘Dream Revival Experience – The Italian Way!



Dream revival experience - italy retreat


Beautiful Salento in Puglia will re-awaken your sense of self again. Let’s explore both our internal dreams and our external longing for beauty, inspiration, and adventure.

You will benefit from the dedicated attention of an expert Italian Tour Manager and Guide, who will provide fantastic local knowledge and insider know-how. Nicla Marinelli aka the Runaway Italian is passionate about bringing you closer to authentic and undiscovered Italy and create memorable travel experiences you will never forget!

Noelle Rollins, our Master Dreamer and Creative Coach will guide us through a series of activities to help us awaken the dreamer inside of us again. Noelle brings a unique balance of thinking outside the box infused with inspiration and she’s a spreadsheet nerd who loves to create a plan. She’ll help you to get clarity on how you can put your dreams into action as well.


This Italian Experience is for:

  • Women who are looking to tap back into themselves, and re-discover what makes them feel joyful, how to re-find balance again, and for pure inspiration to jump start it all.

  • Women who have given all they have to raise kids, their careers, their spouses, their parents… and are waking up decades later wondering… “What about my dreams?”

  • Women who can feel in their gut that there is more they are craving in their lives but aren’t sure what they are looking for.

  • Women who have experienced a divorce, a loss, a career change that has left you feeling like you are ready to realign with your dreams again and gain clarity on how you want your future to unfold.

  • You want to experience Italy and its beauty with a sisterhood of women from all walks of life.


Dream revival experience

A sample of what is included in the longer, October 4 – 11th retreat:

  • 7 nights en-suite accommodation at the historic Palazzo Persone’ in the center of Lecce. The rooms occupy a former 15th century palazzo. Accommodation will also take place at Mantatelure’, a restored palazzo dating back to 1550.
  • All transfers from and to the airport of Brindisi in Italy and all scheduled journeys throughout the stay including transfer by people carrier
  • All breakfasts
  • 5 dinners, one provided by a talented local chef
  • Full-time Italian Tour Manager and Guide, Nicla Marinelli and Noelle Rollins, a talented US based artist, master dreamer and creative coach.
  • Cooking class to recreate 2 local dishes
  • Unique experience learning about the production of amazing papier mache’ figurines made with paper using a traditional and ancient
    method of the 1300s
  • Unforgettable and lively performance of local musicians and dancers
  • Visit to a contemporary art center
  • Workshop with a famous sculptor of local stone
  • Visit to the fortified town of Otranto and mosaic workshop
  • Visit to Nardo’, its eclectic villas and the coastal town of Porto Selvaggio
  • Sound healing session


A sampling of my photos of beautiful Italy:



About the hosts:

nicla italy travel

Nicla is a curious traveler, forever looking to inspire to explore places off-the-beaten track. As the Chief Travel Adviser and Planner at the Runaway Italian, she is the creator and organizer of inspiring custom travel planning and experiences to Italy, always keeping in mind your interests and passions. She has travelled extensively throughout Italy and is especially passionate about
helping people discover ‘authentic’ Italy and all it has to offer. Her specialty is to turn her tours into memorable travel experiences that will be remembered for the rest of your life.    www.therunawayitalian.com


Noelle Rollins

Noelle Rollins is a US based artist, writer, and master dreamer. In 2020 Noelle published her book, Sacred Hellos – messages from Heaven. In 2022 she reached a big dream of her own; 3 months traveling with her family including stops on 4 continents. She infuses creativity and a positive energy into the deepest parts of life. Specializing in helping women live authentically and pursue their dreams.    NoelleRollinsArt.com



2 Italian Way options:

Your choice of dates and length of experience.

Both trips have similar first 6 days. The October experience has 2 extra days of Italian experiences perfectly curated for our group.

sept 2023 italian dream getaway for women


Italian experience October 2023

Learn more on the Runaway Italian Site including pricing, exact details, more about the Puglia region, and payment plans here:

September Experience

October Experience



Italy has a way of reopening us back up for enjoyment, I so hope you’ll consider joining us there.  Plan it together with a friend or sister. What an incredible meaningful time it would be with double the meaning. ♥