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The workbook is the cornerstone of this course. Take the time for yourself and fill out the workbook. It will bring clarity and allow the videos and other tools to assist you better.  You can print out the workbook or grab a notebook and add your own notes as you go, whatever fits your style. You can find the workbook link here:



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Here is the first video:

Video 1: Money Mindset—zero shame in your game

Use the Password: Clarity

Monday – 10/16/17:

My goal for the Clarity Finder workbook is that it is something that can be used over and over again. As we reach certain goals or life changes then we can go through this again and find clarity. I’ve waited to do this again until during this group, so I’m going to do it right along side everyone here. Today I’m going to read pages 1-3 and then do the exercise on page 4. I invite you to do those along with me. I will post my results later today over in the Facebook group, I invite you to do the same. Either snap a photo or just type in what you wish to share here.
For me, looking at the first exercise it seems very “surfacy”. But once I really started thinking about it… I have all sorts of ideas that I’d want to spend that amount of money on so it really is forcing me to put them in order. That order is going to be crucial. It’s what is going to give the drive that every time spare change is found in the laundry all the way up to bigger savings amounts all going towards making that item happen. But if we have 10 things we are trying to do all with the same intensity they all seem to lose steam. Suddenly progress seems super SLOW on all of them.  
Mid week – I posted a 2nd follow up video for Money Mindset – you can find that here. 
Here are my notes from exercise 4 in the clarity workbook:

Step 4 – did anyone have a hard time getting really real about what is actually currently being spent? …We always spend way more on groceries than I wish we did. Sometimes it’s hard to break things up by month but that’s what I did for mine. Example – health category- there are many things that are just bought once or twice a year like vitamins, or an unexpected doctor visit.

What I have found works best for us is that I try to figure out what I spend all year on those things (I’ve been tracking our spending for years so this may have been a little easier for me to look back through past years, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t track currently.), then divide by 12 and set that aside each month. That way when it’s time to get one of those items it doesn’t completely catch us off guard. You could do this in a savings acct or in cash in a designated envelope put safely somewhere.

Another area I swear by doing this in.. I put aside a certain amount of cash each month for dates. Often we will go have coffee or something cheap a couple times a month but then that amount builds up over time and it’s waiting there giving us permission and also making sure we devote that to us instead of the kids or a million other things that would absorb that money.

So I had an epiphany of sorts while doing this and putting it into action this week. I shared my excitement over the fun things like a vacation. But the other 2 top priorities for me right now are putting aside some more money in savings just for peace of mind (and knowing we’re driving 2 older cars that will need to be replaced at some point). The other is Sky’s college fund.

So for me I realize that I connect more emotionally to the vacation one. That one makes me excited to save every penny and i can visualize taking in new sights… the other 2 goals… admittedly are more “shoulds” I know we need to do them but they don’t get me out of bed in the morning.

So, we already have a bit automatically deducted each month into a college savings account. Well, I’m going to start doing that each month with savings as well. That way I don’t debate myself about it and it just gets done without me even thinking about it. Then it’s truthfully even more of a amotivation for me to use the remaining money wisely so that I still am able to put some away for an anniversary trip.

We all know our personality styles, some of us will have no problem being disciplined, others will need to outsmart themselves like I’m having to do with savings…

This really can apply to any income level. It may be that you need to put more away for retirement… others may need to make sure there is food on the table and the lights stay on. All of us have areas where we are more vulnerable to overspending. It may be an expensive piece of jewelry for someone or an expensive purse… another person it may be overspending on the kids halloween costumes instead of buying used ones this year. both are valid and again.. no shame in either place. Do the best with what you have and where you are.

Video 2: Set yourself up for success 

Over in our FB group, I’ve shared my results from lessons 5 and 6. Hop on over there and share what you’re working towards, help others in our group as well.

Video 3: Saving for a sunny day 

We had some great ideas this week shared over in the FB group.  Stop on by and read through the conversations.  I’ve also shared my results from a few lessons over there as well.

Video 4: Staying focused on the goal

Video 5: When there is not enough money


Looking for ways to save on the items that landed as your lowest priorities?  Here is the link to the cheat sheet. You can download or print:

Money saving hacks – cheat sheet


Here is the printable dreams come true manifesto.  Print this out if it resonates with you, post it where you can see it.

Authentic living and money Manifesto


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