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It’s time for a place where we feel understood… heard… seen.  

It is time for a group where we can dream wildly and fiercely.  A sisterhood that will support us when we step into our bravest and boldest selves and also a space to learn to be still…   Embracing and integrating all those sides of ourselves…. all with support and love.

Mix that sacred space with 10 soulful class lessons and you have the SistHERhood.


The world seems extraordinarily messy right now.  For me, I’ve always had a core belief that good wins over bad. That people will choose good if given the chance…  I have to admit, this past November watching a man be elected into power here in America who chooses to be mean and often dishonest instead of expansive and unifying…  it shook me at a deep level.  As a women and mother, it made me question why people would would knowingly support someone who would so unapologetically treat women and minorities so poorly. This is not a political right wing vs left wing statement, it’s bigger than that.  This was simply a sadness that has taken me months to get a grip on.  An underlying feeling of anxiety that some days managed to stay more unseen than others.  With this all came a fear and uncertainty that I hadn’t ever experienced in my life.  Something I alone couldn’t fix or solve.  I know I’m not the only one who has felt it.

What I’ve come to realize is that most of us that are out here trying to do good, bring light, raise our kids right and genuinely believe in good and love and possibilities… we can get through this time stronger than ever but for many of us… we are in need of a sisterhood.  A sisterhood to help us see our own lights again, to believe that good does win in the end.   To help us see past this immediate time and what our lives will look like 20, 30 and even 40 years from now as we look back at this time and see how we let it defeat us or give us motivation to step up our game, unify and shine our own light brighter than ever.

The world needs good people to shine their light and do good more than ever.


This group will not be political, so don’t let the last couple paragraphs lead you that direction.  It’s bigger than politics.   It’s bigger than us in this moment.  Ironically though, often it’s the simple thoughts, daily actions and seemingly insignificant things we do though that will add up to how we live our lives and if we can look back and know that we took this life and not only made our own life the best we could but we also grabbed virtual hands with our sisters and pulled them along with us.  Messy and imperfect, happy and sad, bold and meek all marching forward knowing we are here on Earth at this exact time for a reason.  THERE IS A REASON YOU ARE HERE! Right now!




The FIRST class part of the SistHERhood is:

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