It can happen even to the strongest of us, we are living our life, and something unexpected like a death, divorce, or loss happens that stops us in our tracks.

There is a time, after the deep grieving when we feel a fire swell up inside of us and we know we are ready to begin again.

Resilience and Renewal

A day for mindful healing & empowerment.

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Grief - creating a path forward

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Gwen Wright lost her own husband unexpectedly in 2019. Left with 4 daughters to raise on her own and her busy store she owns in Osceola; Gwen deeply understands the real life balance between sitting in grief while also balancing the ongoing, continued needs of the world and family. She has openly shared her walk with grief, anger, hope, signs, and questions along the way. In 2021 Gwen trained and received her Grief Educator Certification from world renowned grief expert, David Kessler. Gwen is the founder of House of Girls.

Gwen Wright
Noelle Rollins

Noelle Rollins is an artist, writer, and master dreamer. In 2020 Noelle published her book, Sacred Hellos - messages from Heaven. This book is filled with stories about signs from spirit, her walk with over a decade of grief after losing her mom, and is full of hope for those grieving. Noelle has a line of remembrance ornaments, artwork, and a newly launched hand painted casket and urn line. She infuses creativity and a positive energy into the deepest parts of grief and specializes in helping women pursue their dreams and live authentically.

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