Congrats – welcome to the SistHERhood


welcome image

You have just committed to an amazing life changing journey!  

I applaud you making this investment in YOU!!


Tips to get the most out of the SistHERhood:

  • Add  to your email contact list to make sure you get all the correct emails.
  • Set aside 1-2 hours a week during the course.
  • Get a notebook specifically for this course.  This will help you keep all your notes in one place.  It can be a basic lines notebook or treat yourself to a fun journal.  Whatever works.  No stress.
  • Sit in excitement and feel proud of yourself right now. Actually feel how your body feels, your mind. Are you excited for the possibilities? What it means to make commitment and honor YOU!
  • You will get an email in the next week or so with the links to where you’ll find the course once we begin on September 10th.  In the meantime just allow yourself to feel all the range of feelings you are going through.   You can write down any thoughts that come to you on things you want to work through as they come up. This will help you on future assignments on having more clarity.  Don’t worry though if you’re not sure, we’ll work through all of it during the course.