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2021 has been an incredible year for me in so many ways, and full of internal growth, centering, dreaming, and planning.   As I get ready to take a sabbatical for part of 2022 (more about that later) I wanted to point you to some of the courses that inspired me, and helped me get to a place where I could plan for a long term travel and the calmness required to fully enjoy it all!

Looking to work less and have more results? Looking to shine brighter in your business?  Well let me introduce you to Leonie. I have taken so many of Leonie’s courses and I love her free-spirited, hippy meets business style. She has the foul mouth of a sailor, will forever root for the underdog, and is fabulously woo-woo.  She has the business to prove that it can be both fun, successful, and still allow us to have a life outside of our business.  You can see my interview with her here:

Here are some of Leonie’s courses that I proudly share with you:

**Note that I am an affiliate for Leonie’s courses (this means I will receive a commission for any courses you sign up for. This doesn’t cost you anything extra, and be assured I will never share anything with you that I don’t believe in.)


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learn to write your book40 Days to a finished book helped me take my hundreds of pages of notes, blog posts, ideas, memories, and journal entries and turn them all into Sacred Hello – Message from Heaven. This book was published in November of 2020 and I am continually so touched by the supportive feedback I get from this book.

The idea that it doesn’t have to be all-consuming and we can instead work smart and calm…  AMAZING!!!!
Consider this program an essential business success building block. In order to succeed in business you MUST learn how to sell, and do it well.
I’ve taken my business energy off of Facebook in 2021.  Instagram is still TBD if I’m being honest… below you can find the course that helped me make this shift confidently and full of intention.

Want to know how Leonie built a multi-million dollar net worth?

Want to grow your own income and savings with joy and consciousness? You’ll love thie Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income course.


In the space of 40 days, you are going to get your e-course DONE. And master the tech like a pro. And start SELLING it like crazy.