Dare to Dream – new ecourse is now open

This week we found out about a childhood friend of my daughter, an old neighbor, who has stage four cancer. I choked back tears as my daughter told me about him… After we talked about our hopes and prayers for him, as we finished our call what I found myself saying to her, “Life is short, we don’t know what our futures hold. This is why it’s important that we live lives that are true to ourselves and our dreams. The last thing we’d want is to find out news like this and on top of it, look back at our lives and regret all the time wasted on everyone else’s dreams and agendas that didn’t align with our own inner knowing.”

You are here for a reason, during this time, with these people. Your perspective, life experience, and personality all add up into a completely unique you. When you can align yourself to all the good and knowing your most inner self has, life changes.

Are you looking to rediscover dreams forgotten, dreams pushed aside, and new dreams ready to be discovered? 

It can happen even to the strongest of us; we are living our life, and something unexpected like a death, divorce, or big life change happens that stops us in our tracks (hello pandemic). There is a time, after the deep grieving when we feel a fire swell up inside of us and we know we are ready to begin again.

This renewed hope and energy tells us we are ready to take all the pieces of our former life and decide which will stick with us moving forward, which will no longer get to rob us of joy, and what areas we want to invite new dreams to join in.

Sacred Hellos – Messages from Heaven ended with a chapter called, The Path Forward. Part of that path forward is dreaming again. Reigniting hope.

I invite you to, Dare to Dream. It’s an online course you can do from home, at your own pace.
You can find out all the details here


This course begins on October 10th, so time is limited.

PS. I don’t know when this course will be offered again. As a family, we are making one of our dreams come true in 2022. An around-the-world trip. It will take up part of the year, leaving me uncertain when I’ll be offering this guided course again in the next 12 months. There is an energy that comes through from being around others that are making dreams happen, it’s contagious. Now is the perfect time to join this course and take advantage of it. ♥