DIY lantern style patio decor

diy patio decor

Last month I was determined to figure out how to build an oversized statement piece for my patio.  I looked through our woodpile and found some squares of wood, some 2″x 2″ pieces of wood and a few other scraps until I found some big enough to work for what I had in mind.

patio lantern diy

I found the larger square piece and used that to determine the base size. then measured how much length I had in 2″x2″‘s and dived by 4 to figure out how tall I could make it. To attach the posts, I tipped the piece on it’s size and drilled a hole up into each post. Then glued and screwed them in place. I did the same for the top piece.

I then took some 1″x2″ and cut them to fit in-between the posts and glued and air nailed them to the bottom base. I then continued to top each layer of varying sized onto the top, cutting down a few as I went.  Once everything was screwed and/or glued into place, I painted the whole thing white. Over in another area I cut the criss cross side pieces to size and painted those also. Once it was dry I air nailed those into place and also put a little glue to hold them in place.

After it was all done I went around and sealed some of the cracks and seams with exterior silicone/caulk to make it have a smoother look.  I then found a cheap post and popped in some faux plants.  I got the rope from the dollar tree and glued it in place.

Once it was done I put it on our patio and surrounded it by some other rustic decor. The rooster was inherited from my mom, the rusted can next to it was from a local garden center. I put a few birch branches in the plants to add to them until the plants grow bigger and fill in the tops more. I love how it turned out!

oversized lantern decor

On the other side of the door I have a large piece of wood I found in our workshop, one the backside it ways a Christmas greeting, but on this side it’s for the rest of the year. I put some feet on it to make it more sturdy.  I made the wreath with faux succulents and a grapevine wreath. I’ll share that process in an upcoming blog.

Some of the other pots are ones my mother in law and I made a few weeks ago by mixing up cement and dipping cloth and burlap into it, Then letting them hang to dry over forms we made from wire or paint cans.

I love using what I have and just adding some elbow grease for a cheap and unique feel.

Hopefully it provides some inspiration to use what you have and get creative.