Easing into trusting

On the path to a successful business there is a time in there where things are flowing but with tightly clenched fists and lots of worry, monitoring and obsessing.  I’m living this stage; where I have spent years laying down paths, systems and various income streams with my artwork. I count on about 50% of my business to be from commissioned artwork. These are deals that I never know are coming, so I can’t plan exactly for them yet like clockwork people show up. It’s beautiful, yet can be stressful if I worry about it.  Having worked through those stages of my business I”m now focused on the next step. The space of trusting.  I imagine myself eminating an energetic aura of peace, trust and knowing that I am connected to those needing artwork, the flow is natural.  Instead of waking up and checking all of my emails before I even get out of bed, there is instead a trusting that things are how they should be. That I can spend some time with my family, wake up and get myself in the right frame of mind and then begin my work.  There is a subtle change that I can feel coming, people on the outside may or may not notice but it’s a gentle calmness, a stronger inner confidence and peace.   **Noelle