Fall 2023 BIG News and announcments

This summer I made some big decisions. I have been having a nudging for awhile now that it was time for changes and over the next several months there will be a few.  I’ll lay them out below so you can follow along with the ones that interest you.

1. I am going back to college in January. After Skylar finished getting her bachelors degree in the spring, I knew I’d have a few years before Aspen is that age. This is my shot to go after some goals I’ve had. It is time to put one of my own big goals front and center. Back in the 90’s I got my associates degree in Visual Communication / Graphic Design. Now it’s time to expand my knowledge so I can make some bigger dreams happen, and widen the impact I can have for others.

I’m not sure of my major yet, but I want to take all I’ve done of the last 25 years and fill in some gaps. The business courses, international studies, women and gender studies, and product development courses have me really excited. I’m intentionally going in with an open mind and the goal of merging all I learn with my creativity and goal to help others live inspired lives.

2. This is my last year for ornaments.  I have absolutely loved getting make ornaments over the last decade. However, it’s time for me to end them as a focus of my business. I will be offering some specials this year. I don’t know what the 2024 holiday season will bring for my business, I do know that with school, homeschooling Aspen, and working the rest of my business it is time to let the ornaments go after this Christmas.  So in the meantime, we’re going to out with a bang. Lots of fun specials and some new designs too.  (You can see two of the new designs at the end of this email) If you like these, they are on sale in my etsy ship right now. Just click the image)

grandma remembrance ornament

3. The Holiday Pet Portrait special is now live! I have a limited number of pet portrait openings that can be completed by the first week in December. It may seem like a long time away, but now is the time to plan ahead and know that you have a one of kind gift in the works.  Then once December arrives you’ll have the gift all ready! The portraits in the special are 20% off and more. These portratis are available in 5″x7″ up to 16″x20″.  I will be in Italy for a few weeks coming up, but I will begin working on the portraits once I return. You can sign up to get your portrait here.   I don’t know what availablity I will have once I start school so now is the time.

4. ITALY – I will be in Italy for the Dream Revival experience in a couple weeks. (I will be posting some photos and videos along the way on social media).  We also have opened up registration for the upcoming May 2024 Italian experience for women. The May experience is called, Savoring Puglia – A journey of the Senses. It is from Sunday May 19th – Saturday May 25th, 2024. You can find all the info here.

So what do these changes mean?  Years ago when I was in my mid twenties I talked with a women in her 40’s who was going back to school. She told me some wisdom she had received. I have carried it with me ever since.  The wisdom, when taking on a big goal and life change, such as going back to college full time, then you need to be upfront and open about the changes needed and prioritizing the areas that need focus.

Choose 6 or so areas that you are going to focus on. Be clear with your kids, your spouse, relatives, friends, associates that your workload and focus is changing. Explain that you are going to have to skip the extras for awhile.

So in my world, I’ve looked at how I can still honor homeschooling, family time, my health, my business, my yard/pets, and my new courses and commute to and from school.  Then I’ve had to get really honest at what falls outside of those things.  Being this blunt and honest is helping me to plan ahead and to also hopefully save some frustrations.

I actually had my first experience already where this has helped. I was talking with a friend and I was explaining it to her, later in the conversation she casually asked if I was planning on going to the play in town that upcoming weekend.  Then she stopped herself and said, “wait… nevermind… not your priority right now.”  MAGIC!  What a gift.(both the wisdom that was shared with me and also having a friend who is so honoring) Espeically for someone like me that often feels guilt for not doing enough as it is. This approach is like guardrails to save me from my own tendencies.


Thanks for being a part of these changes (and if you have any advice for what I’m about to face I’d love to hear it.)







PS – My business is mostly word of mouth.  Would you be so kind as to share any of the above or keep in mind if a conversation comes up with a friend or relative and my services could be useful?  Thank you so much!!