Finding Myself in the Moonlight

Women are raving about the Finding Myself in the Moonlight online course.

“I’m relearning some important things about myself that got pushed aside when everyone/everything else became a priority.” 

“I am realizing how unrealistically high I set expectations for myself and how miserably I beat myself up over them when I fail to meet them. I would never dream of expecting the things I place on myself from others.” – Amy

“I know I will never put myself back in that space of loneliness and low self worth again or let anyone talk to or treat me like that again. I am done with all of that.” – Angela



Women from around the country and the world, I invite you to join us from the comfort of your home!  This intimate, online journey begins:

January 25th, 2015


Most women will go through a time of transition in life.  A time where you wake up and know deep down that it’s time for you to start finding what truly makes you feel joy. What feeds your well being. Why you are here.  A time to start setting better boundaries, figuring out what things make us happy and who we are when we’re not putting all of our energy into taking care of everyone else around us.  It’s not a bad thing to help those around us, the world needs us to help one another.  However when our own hearts are full first and we are helping and loving others from a place of overflow then everyone wins.


There is a primal need in women to gather.  We can benefit from gathering together, helping one another, walking a life changing path with other sisters who are there to help when you need it.


Finding myself in the moonlight”  

A 24 week online journey for women

Re -find, remember, re-connect with the you hat has given way for everyone else’s needs for far too long.  

The world needs you. The true you. The truly happy you!  

This course includes:

  • 48 lessons over 24 weeks.
  • 10+ videos
  • private online meeting room to ask questions, get help and help others

Benefit from the 1000’s of hours of learning, courses, training and life experiences I have been through as I share what I have learned along the way.


The reason I do what I do is:

I believe deep down that all people want to be seen and loved for their truest, authentic self.

Women often lose that confidence and lose touch with their inner knowing on what inspires them, what makes them unique and how to re-connect with the world.

I love to create programs and art to support women on the journey to creating their most inspired and authentic life.


In 2014 I traveled through Portugal, France, Germany, England and The Netherlands working with women.  I have worked with women from around Minnesota and the United States to help clear away the excuses, the fear, the uncertainty and start LIVING life again.


Sometimes life’s days blend together and one day, years later we wake up and ask our self, “how did I get here?” Some parts of life can be so great and then there are other parts where there is shame, guilt, sadness or even emptiness.  


For some it’s a gentle nudging to set some boundaries with certain people in our life or even our own kids or parents.


For others the world sees us as perfectly put together, loving and happy. But behind closed doors there is clutter, mess or a nagging sadness.


This video will help explain why I feel so called to do this course and what in my own life has given me the hunger to find solutions to some of the above situations:


Having trouble viewing my video? You can view it on YouTube here:







I’ve infused my years worth of learning, life lessons and expert information with my soulful, artsy style and a whole lot of heart.


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Is this for you?

Have you given your life to everyone around you and are ready to take some time for yourself in a healthy way?

Are you longing for a path to help guide you to reconnecting with your inner wisdom, purpose and authentic self?

Are you ready to move forward and start creating an inspired life while shining from within?

Do you long for new connections with other soulful women?

Have you blurred part of your identity while giving everything to others?


Are you needing support in setting some new healthy boundaries?  Do you find yourself doing things for others  and feeling un-appreciated? Do you do so much for others that you’ve put your own needs on the back burner?


This is not for you if:

You want someone else to fix your life for you or people are telling you that you need to change but you don’t want to.

When you are ready to step out of that space and into action to change things then find us again, we will be here.


Q & A:

Q: What does this course have to do with the moonlight?  

A:  Technically this course has nothing to do with moonlight however symbolically this course is the moonlight. As if we are in the dark, in our own space with no one watching. Then using this freeing space giving us the room to make changes, decisions and declare our intentions for our lives without the pressure of everyone analyzing as we do.  This course is simply shining a light of hope, ideas, possibilites for you to use how you choose.

Q: I don’t see anything about Religion, If am a Christian will I connect with this course?

A:  Yes, the beauty about helping people be their own most authentic selves is that there is room for each participant to filter all topics through their own Religion or spiritual beliefs.  I have created this course so that people of any religion or those who are not religious should all feel at home and welcomed.

Q: Will you offer this course again this year?

A:  At this point I’m not planning to.  I do have a vision to do a larger, more in-depth course. This course will feature interviews with women who are living amazing, authentic lives. It will dive deeper into the areas from this course and we will also work more in areas of having a vision for our life, connecting with own light, honoring our truest calling, rising above the outpouring of drama and negativity that we are flooded with in our world.



About Noelle:


My mission is to bring light to the positive, beautiful and spiritual side of life through my art, stories and bringing together an inspiring group. I aim to do these while respecting the earths beauty and resources, much of my work is done on repurposed materials. I love to paint the things that bring us closer to our most inspired, authentic and soulful selves. In my shop you’ll find music artwork, soulful yoga and meditative artwork, sports, florals and more.  I often infuse my artwork with poetry and uplifting messages.  All things that inspire different sides of me and my clients.
There are times to sit back, reflect and to quietly listen to our inner voices, there are other times where we are ready to go out let the world know we me mean business, and have things to share. As I’ve tried to narrow my body of work to just one artwork style I’ve really realized that many are necessary in life, the yin and yang that makes the world go ’round. Let’s celebrate our strengths, empowered lives and our soft, reflective, intuitive sides simultaneously.
In 2014 I traveled through Portugal, France, Germany, England and The Netherlands working with women, adding that to the ongoing work with women from around Minnesota and the United States to help clear away the excuses, the fear, the uncertainty and start LIVING life again.  I feel so blessed to get to do what I do and take what I’ve learned, lived and felt to help others.


Register before January 11th for early bird pricing of only


(Regular price $269 )




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