finding true support in the silence

Noelle at womens march 2017

This is the era of speaking up, using our voices. Standing up for one another, speaking out against wrongs we see.
It’s an empowering time to be a woman.

Noelle at womens march 2017

After the marching signs are put away and the phone put on silent… I get into bed and it’s just me in my head and the silence. That is often harder for many of us than speaking up, keeping things energetically charged and fueling ourselves off the adrenaline of others.

Here is my challenge to every one of us. Learn to hear the gentle whispers of belonging within the embracing silence. When we can retrain ourselves to use this quiet time in between rallies, water cooler conversations and texting.  The power of this “down time” is when we can really allow ourselves to reveal our deepest truths.

When we can quit looking for approval from others for what we know we feel, it frees us.  When we can march with our sisters and lovingly know there may be a topic or more that we disagree on but our bigger goals are in alignment and enlightenment for all it brings peace.

Reframe that silence from a time in between other things, to instead as re-plugging into our own chargers. A time to allow our bodies and minds to rest, re-sync and rejuvenate.  For many this is not a difficult challenge, for others of us this seems like an impossible challenge.

Treasure that quiet time without the need for approval from others. Use it to research, dig deeper, write, learn more, meditate, pray, feel, radiate more love.  Use is as a gift to yourself.

It’s like taking a deep dive from the static filled surface.  “The surface” is filled with energy stealers; a million causes, anger, judgement and more news to reaffirm the reasons for our anger. We justify it by surrounding ourselves with more that feels how we want to feel.  When we can dive down deeper from that space into a place of quiet, we can find a deeper sense of knowing, faith and wisdom. A chance to learn more, feel more and dig deeper than the headlines.

Vary your news sources, the world needs us to become less polarized and more willing to listen, learn, and have open conversations while we continue to fight for what is right. When we can be empathetic, informed of “both sides” reasoning beyond talking points and still come to the conclusions that genuinely we support… they will resonate deeper with us.


“Visualize yourself rising out of the static into a wiser energy field; re-charge there”


Rules for this era:

1. Don’t feed the trolls. They want your energy… don’t give them it.  Don’t energetically feed the things you want less of. Feed the good. Comment on posts and comments that you believe in, share stories that resonate with you.  Use the names of people you want to see gain more influence, share their stories, their ideas for changes. Purchase from the stores that act with integrity, the small businesses that will keep your dollars in the local economies and hang out with friends you genuinely enjoy.  Did you know that when we all comment on social media to argue with the trolling comments we are actually giving that comment power? The algorithms will move those trolling comments higher so they will actually get more attention. If we can all comment and like the comments we support we will actually allow more people to see those.

2. Quit blindly following what others have told you to believe; your family, your church, your company.  When I get a newsletter from a conservative company celebrating a man who openly is adulterous and brags about sexual assault I let them know my disagreements.  When family tells me I should support a certain party because they are blue or red… I question, dig deeper. When I get too many political emails with the soul goal of angering me by only sharing one side of the story, I unsubscribe.  Turn off the news channels. Read varied news sources. If you see something on social media that brings out strong feelings; research it.

3. Take time for you. 2017 was one of visceral exhaustion and disgust for me. It left me questioning everything I thought about people.  I’ve learned that self care is vital, surrendering control of things that didn’t need me was vital for my mental survival. It was equally important for me to speak up against wrongs I saw. Turn off the noise, in a time of non-stop news pouring into my news feeds and every conversation I needed to step back and soak up the quiet.

4. Celebrate the good you see.  It’s more important than ever to reaffirm the good you see around you. People doing good things, saying thank you, bringing extra patience with you to every store, airport line and drive through traffic. People are over stressed, angry and exhausted.  Be the kindness you want reflected back to you.

5. Simplify and allow some breathing room back into your life. During this time where the news is daily speaking to the possibilities of nuclear war, sexual assault survivors coming forwards are an hourly occurence (bravo to them) it can be vital to quit living to the brink of our time, energy and finances.  If we have extra space in these areas then things outside of our control are less likely to push us over the edge financially, energetically and time-wise. Give yourself some grace and some extra room for  a stress induced coffee run, a donation to your favorite charity or cause you believe in.  Allowing yourself to have down time, planned nights in, planned weekends of no plans.  I swear to you… it’s sanity saving.

6. If you have strong beliefs that you have researched, and you feel passionately about. Fight for them! Don’t wait for approval from other’s to be passionate, you may past by what others are willing to do for that cause. In the silence, rejuvenate, refresh, and rest up for the cause that been put in your heart. Your passion will be contagious, just make sure not to get caught up in convincing others or waiting for others to join in before you start working for it. Show us the way!

Original boat pose artwork by Noelle Rollins

The message behind this painting rings so true right now.  It features accents of yellow which coordinates with the Solar Plexus chakra. When I feel that feeling in my gut telling me that something is or isn’t right that is my intuition. In order to maximize our intuition and connection to our senses we must make sure our Solar Plexus Chakra is clear and fully active.  I’ve written a little about boundaries here.  This chakra is also about increased self-esteem, when you feel good about yourself and your place in life you don’t worry as much about people pleasing.


Tonight, after your busy day when you get into your bed. Leave the phone on the night stand.  Allow yourself to just be.  If your mind won’t stop racing, then get out a sheet of paper and do a brain dump. Write down every single thing that is floating around demanding your attention. Once all those thoughts feel heard and are safely written so they won’t be forgotten, you can calmly and quietly be still.  Visualize yourself recharging with energy, ideas, peacefulness, love.  Visualize yourself rising out of the static into a wiser energy field; re-charge there.


We need you and all your light.  So grateful for each of you.