get ready to find your most authentic self.

Ever wish there was a guidebook on how to keep your own identity while also being there for kids, parents, friends, everyone?

Ladies, I am thrilled to introduce the launch of the NEW Finding Myself in the Moonlight ebook.

111 pages of juicy, life changing love.

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  • We start with the basics of what our story is.  You know, “the story” why our life is how it is, whose fault things are, why certain things didn’t work out…   We all have a story to some extent.  We’re going to lay them out and get a fresh healthy perspective on our lives. Get clear on what we stand for so we can start to live authentically.


  • We will playfully re-discover what brings us joy. Not what brings other’s around us joy but things that genuinely make us feel so good that everyone around us reaps the overflow of our joy.


  • Learn to say “No” a classy but firm no. Learn to listen to that inner most self that is crying out for better boundaries and people to not just ask you for things but also energetically give back.


  • Discover why you make the choices you make. Understand how to use your values to guide your decisions and understand past situations and decisions.


  • Learn why practical solutions like de-cluttering, changing shopping or spending habits can increase your peace of mind and support your goals.


  • Embrace your fabulous self. Take this newfound clarity, peacefulness and shared wisdom of our sisterhood and OWN your greatness. Walk through the world with your head held higher, your inner light bright and a sense of self that will help others better know how to understand you.


WE ARE the women that are making things happen, sometimes behind the scenes, day after day. Often it’s the little, seemingly simple things; feeding children, caring for parents and keeping an eye out for those who need it.   We deserve to fill our own joy tank first so that we can give more graciously, with less resentment and more joy to those around us.  Learn to skills to teach the women in our lives how they too can own their greatness.

Finding myself in the Moonlight is perfect for women of all ages, is full of truth, humor and observations on life.  Written from life experience and after soaking up thousands of hours form wise women in my life I am thrilled to share all I have learned.  The world is a better place when each of us can be in tune with our soul, our self and use our gifts to help others grow.


We got this! 

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and get cozy. It’s an easy read with assignments and action plans.  Do at your own pace.

Once you purchase the Finding Myself in the Moonlight e-book you are invited to join us in our private Facebook group online for added fun and sisterhood.  A community of women looking to be our best selves so we can help make this world a better place.


Women are raving about Finding Myself in the Moonlight.

“I’m relearning some important things about myself that got pushed aside when everyone/everything else became a priority.” 

“I am realizing how unrealistically high I set expectations for myself and how miserably I beat myself up over them when I fail to meet them. I would never dream of expecting the things I place on myself from others.” – Amy

“I know I will never put myself back in that space of loneliness and low self worth again or let anyone talk to or treat me like that again. I am done with all of that.” – Angela



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The reason I do what I do is:

I believe deep down that all people want to be seen and loved for their truest, authentic self.

Women often lose that confidence and lose touch with their inner knowing on what inspires them, what makes them unique and how to re-connect with the world.

I love to create programs and art to support women on the journey to creating their most inspired and authentic life.


In 2014 I traveled through Portugal, France, Germany, England and The Netherlands working with women.  I have worked with women from around Minnesota and the United States to help clear away the excuses, the fear, the uncertainty and start LIVING life again.


This video will help explain why I felt so called to create course and now the ebook:


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About Noelle:


My mission is to bring light to the positive, beautiful and spiritual side of life through my art, stories and bringing together an inspiring group. I aim to do these while respecting the earths beauty and resources, much of my work is done on repurposed materials. I love to paint the things that bring us closer to our most inspired, authentic and soulful selves. In my shop you’ll find music artwork, soulful yoga and meditative artwork, sports, florals and more.  I often infuse my artwork with poetry and uplifting messages.  All things that inspire different sides of me and my clients.
There are times to sit back, reflect and to quietly listen to our inner voices, there are other times where we are ready to go out let the world know we me mean business, and have things to share. As I’ve tried to narrow my body of work to just one artwork style I’ve really realized that many are necessary in life, the yin and yang that makes the world go ’round. Let’s celebrate our strengths, empowered lives and our soft, reflective, intuitive sides simultaneously.
In 2014 I traveled through Portugal, France, Germany, England and The Netherlands working with women, adding that to the ongoing work with women from around Minnesota and the United States to help clear away the excuses, the fear, the uncertainty and start LIVING life again.  I feel so blessed to get to do what I do and take what I’ve learned, lived and felt to help others.