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Sacred Hellos Book


SACRED HELLOS –MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN is a lifesaver of a book written by Noelle Rollins.  As stated in the subtitle, it is about, “How signs and creativity transformed my decade of mourning into peacefulness and hope.”  It is also about so much more.
The physical book itself is quite visually beautiful.  It is illustrated by Noelle who has incredible abilities as a visual artist.  The softly colored sketches, paintings, and drawings add a great deal of appeal to the journey she shares with her words.  There’s also an added gift  – some stories shared by people other than Noelle who have experienced their own Sacred Hellos.
The book is sometimes raw and sometimes downright magical.  Noelle shares very personal struggles that she and her family faced after losing her dear mother, who was only 57.   Though the pain is described clearly enough to make us, the reader, feel it, there is also an opportunity to process it along with Noelle.  What makes it magical is that she finds ways to exist and share her love energy as a result of all that pain.  It is a healing book.
Her story includes advice at times and a great soothing at times.  It is always self-aware and is shared at great risk, from deep within her soul.  
As someone who has experienced loss, I found it something to “hang onto,” like a branch jutting out into the river.  Her warmth, honesty, and depth drew me into a shared journey of her pain and growth.
I highly recommend this book.  It will help you on your own journey.
Barbara Hynes-Tomczyk
Author “Can’t Someone Fix What Ails Me?”

I first came across Noelle Rollins after being given a beautiful and meaningful gift of her art after the loss of my father. I have since given many of her gifts to others and have been in awe at how spot on the gifts were (unbeknownst to me). The gifts are always sent in a timely manner and beautifully packaged. It has taken me a while to write this review because I was not sure how to put into words how meaningful this book has been to me after the heartbreaking loss of my mother. It is written from the heart and you can feel the grace with which it was written. We all must travel our own difficult journey when we lose our loved ones, but we are not alone. I felt a real sense of wonder reading this book and always left feeling my faith and my beliefs renewed, refreshed and strengthened. It gave me strength and comfort. Thank you, Noelle.     ~CG

Looks at stages of grieving and signs from loved ones. This book gave me all the feels. You can feel the emotion and truth in the stories. Gives perspective on different ways of grieving and how people handle it. Love hearing about different signs people get from loved ones that have passed. A very uplifting read.   ~Shana

Grief is such a complex process. Everything in this book, the writing, the stories offered me permission to continue with my own grief. It offered permission and acceptance to know that my very own feelings were/are much like someone else. I found myself agreeing over and over and couldn't wait to read what others were experiencing. I loved the realness and relatable story telling. I highly recommend this book.     ~Gwen