From 70’s closet to cozy reading nook

closet converted to reading nook

Cozy reading nook for under $100…. yes please.

Last year we ripped out a closet upstairs between the kid’s rooms. It was gloriously 1070’s in every way.  There was nothing wrong with the closet other than… we’ve minimalized so much we just don’t need closet space up there.  So instead we’ve decided to convert the space into something we’ll use; a reading nook.  It’s fun, rustic and we completed it for $70.  Yes, only $70!!!   We were able to pull together pieces we had and put them together into what may be my new favorite spot in the house.

Here is how the closet used to look from the main floor.  On the left is when we bought the house, I tried to lighten it up by painting the doors white.

diy house projects


This is the 1970’s carpeted shelves that were so bad they were amazing.  I kept a square of it to use for something down the road.

closet converted to reading nook


After decluttering, then ripping out the doors and shelves we were left with an empty space.

reading bench in closet


We added some chippy painted boards we’d gotten for free along the back, 2″x6″ pallet wood for the bench, pallet wood on the floor.  We added some lanterns we’d had from my sister’s wedding, cozy pillows from around the house and the only thing we had to purchase was the foam cushion and fabric for it.  That totalled $70.  I had to trip the cushion to size and sew the cover to fit.


The final result. A reading nook of our dreams!

So after all is said and done, we spend 1 full day and $70 to create this really charming reading nook.  We are loving it.

reading bench with pillows

reading nook in old closet


So there it is!  What do  you think?  If you’ve been thinking of making one, I highly recommend the closet footprint. It made it so easy to frame, then add 2″x6″ boards across as support. Not seen is a support down the middle as well.  It probably wouldn’t have been necessary but then it stops any bending of the boards that would make anyone nervous.  The pad is a 6″ deep, high density foam cushion and it’s very comfortable.

One more of Aspen enjoying it.  He homeschools and now every day since we’ve been going up there for reading time so he can read to me.

reading bench area

Click here to watch our video showing the process!

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