from neutrals to colorful – new art options

lime and purple colors

Spine art and yoga art get some more colors!

When I created the soulful yoga line a few years back it was neutral and calming intentionally. Deliberate spots of color in the flowers coordinated to the chakras of the poses in each piece of artwork where the main color features.

It’s been fun with time to get to expand on that line and bring in some bold colors.  Last year I had a chiropractic clinic in Louisiana asked me to customize the chiropractic 7 piece set I offer to a bold lime green and purple.

lime and purple colors


A couple weeks ago when a chiropractic clinic in Puerto Rico ordered this same set and it made me realize that people are craving some color and vibrancy.

A variety of colors?

So I’ve had so much fun bringing in some more personality into these piece, letting them flow into a new direction.  I wanted to share some of the new colors.  Plus, can I just say… this past couple years I’ve started working a bit with stock photography and then customizing them with my artwork.  GAME CHANGER.  I can’t even describe how much this has helped me in my marketing and keeping a cohesive feel to my photos.  When I found these fun images with bold chair colors… I knew they were perfect.


Here are some closeups of the yoga artwork with color added.

complete wall art set of yoga art artwork yoga poses



What do you think?  I’d love to hear if you like the colorful touches added in.  I’m really grateful for my degree in graphic design when it comes to being able to do things like this. Separate a painting into layers to change colors, duplicate things, make some things transparent..  The possibilities are endless and it’s so much fun to play around.

So how does this apply to you?  If there is a piece of my artwork that you like but you’d love it in a different color, with a message on it, or something else… don’t be afraid to ask.  I can’t guarantee that I can do it but I love to get questions and will never be offended if you ask.

thank you for being here and letting me share some of the things that bring inspiration into my life.  Today, it’s the ability to continue to modify, grown, change… evolve and embrace that process.