Get inspired in Italy – video

get inspired in italy, noelle and Nicla

When I traveled to Italy in 2022 I was a bit worried that my expectations were too high. That turned out not to be the case, Italy was phenomenal. I knew I needed to work with Nicla to create a custom experience for women who are looking to dive inward, fill up with fun and joy again, and reignite the dreamer inside. For me that begins with inspiration.

Finding inspiration in life can change everything. In the moment it feels good, afterwards… you come home with accessing the parts of your brain that are better able to problem solve, see solutions, and simply recalibrate.

Join Nicla and I as we talk all about inspiration, how the experiences in Italy that we are hosting in September and October this year have been built with saturating our senses with goodness, reigniting our inspiration in the process.


You can find out more about the Italian experience this fall here.