good used finds… results in totally “Me” decor

After a month of looking for the right chairs for the classroom area I gave up and just decided the universe would bring me the right ones. Well… driving home a week and a half ago from northern Minnesota to pick our daughter up from camp we were driving through this small town of Crosby. Then on the side of the road was a store having a sale. One the sidewalk were 7 bistro chairs in great condition. Plus… only $35 for all of them.  Thank you universe!!

In the week before my grand opening of the studio I was still without a main table in my space. I looked at conference room tables, craigslist, pinterest and still didn’t see anything that spoke to me. I then last week suddenly knew the exact table I wanted. I wanted to build one out of pallets. I went and found the pallets behind some stores, got permission to take them and happily filled my van as full as I could w/ them.  We live on a corner lot where our garage is actually on a different road then our front door.  Well the road our garage is on was closed because they are digging it up and redoing it. So I had to park in the front and carry each pallet down my driveway, through the house, through the backyard and into my garage.   I painted them and then my husband helped me turn them into my favorite table ever.

Here is a slideshow so you can see also a bit about the assembly of it.  I think I have my husband convinced to create a few smaller ones to sell.  I can just picture them painted a different range of colors and how perfect it would be at a lake house or for people like me that are wanting something unconventional.  (You can click the photos to get larger views)



And last but not least: the Bistro awning  I made for the studio: