Greeting Card Clearance Event

 Announcing 20 card designs being clearanced out in my etsy shop!

We all have experienced hearing news about what someone we love is going through. It’s such a refreshing feeling to have a group of cards on hand to be able to write one out and pop it in the mail, especially while the news is fresh in our minds.

Why am I clearancing out so many note cards?  I’ve been running my business since my 20’s. I love what I do, I love what these cards do. However, it’s time for some changes. I’m taking a sabbatical in 2022 for part of the year. During this time I’ll be replenishing my inspiration, diving into full on family time, and doing an around the world learning adventure. As most of you know, we homeschool our youngest, (our oldest is in college she will only be able to join us for a bit of the trip). We have an opportunity to take Aspen, our 11 year old and show him some of the sites he studies in school, and also add in places we’ve dreamed of going as well. Pyramids in Egypt, Hagia Sofia in Constantinople (Istanbul), and even watch him try croissants in France. So after years of saving, working around the clock, and researching… we are doing it.

I’m going to be really honest: all the prep that this trip is requiring of me… I’m need to make these changes even if there wasn’t a trip. Things like cutting out products from my business that take more energy than I have, simplifying my life yet another layer, defining what I loved in my 30’s that no longer seems to serve me in my 40’s. It’s a real thing and it’s hard, yet it’s vital in order for me to live from a deep place of joy and inspiration that my business and life requires of me.

So that’s the summary of it all. Life is short, and inspiration calls, and I want to have room for what is next.

Here are some of the cards available on clearance (you can see all under the Clearance section on my etsy page)



PS – I’m looking to begin wholesaling my grief and remembrance line of cards. It currently has 7 cards. Most are to honor someone on a special day they are missing a dad, spouse, mom, child, friend. Another offers support and puts words to finding out someone has been put on hospice or is nearing end of life, and the final is to give to someone who loves someone who is nearing end of life.  These are the cards we all wish we never needed, but they play a beautiful role in helping express the unimaginable and heartbreak of loss and death.

If you have any connections to a hospital gift ship, cancer centers, hospice providers where these cards could offer support to those who need it most will you reply to this email and let me know? Or forward your contact this listing:   So they can view them and see if are a fit for their store or practice?  Thank you!